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Whether you’re a stylish man or a casual guy, chances are that the scales of the jewelry world remain unexplored territory. Before diving into the nitty gritty, it makes sense to get a baseline for ring size itself.

So what exactly is the average ring size for men, anyway?

In the United States, the average ring size for men is a 10. However, if you happen to be shopping in the United Kingdom, you will want to look for “T ½.” Japan and Switzerland both come in at 20, even though they have different conversion scales. For Japan, simply double the U.S. measurement, while for Europe you can add 10.

What are the exact measurements?

Need to know specific measurements of a ring? Across the board, the standard “stock” size (aka, a ring size around 10) possesses an inside circumference of about 2.44 inches or 62.1 mm. And the inside diameter is .78 inches or 19.8 mm.

What are some other factors to keep in mind when measuring ring size?

The most common sizes purchased fall into the 8-12 range, though size charts often run from 6 to 16. The Guiness Record for ring size stands at 25.

On any given day, the internal diameter of your finger’s ring size will fluctuate by about 0.7 mm and the fingers on your dominant hand will likely be bigger than those on the mitt opposite.

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