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Looking for more info on ring sizing for a special lady in mind! We’ve got you covered! If you have questions about the average ring size for women, here is everything you need to know.

The Full Range

While an American jeweler’s mandrel (the tapered measuring rod used to determine ring size) might run from size 1 to 15, the actual inventory of women’s rings usually falls between 3.5 and 13.5. This means, based on sizing in the U.S., this is the typical size range you’ll see when shopping for ladies rings.

What is the most common ring size for women?

The average ring size for most women is between 5 and 7, with 6 and 7 reported as the most commonly purchased. Translated roughly, that’s a circumference of about 2 inches and an internal diameter of about two-thirds of an inch. Women’s ring sizes often fluctuate more than men’s because pregnancy can contribute to a size shift along with factors like weight gain and temperature.  

What about international ring sizes?

Since the United Kingdom is on a letter system, their average size bracket is labeled L to N, but it includes half-steps as well. To convert U.S. ring sizes to other international systems, add 10 if you are in mainland Europe or just double it in Japan.

But how should the ring fit?

Because a finger can swell and shrink even over the course of the day, it’s often recommended to measure for ring size more than once and to size up rather than down. The ring should fit snugly at the base of your finger, but not so tightly that it cannot slide over the knuckle.

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