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You’ve been having some pretty serious conversations about your future as a couple. Not only have you survived game nights with each other’s extended family, but you are listed as each other’s emergency contacts. You’ve both agreed that — hypothetically! — if you were to get married, the “Chicken Dance” would be banned from the wedding playlist. Is it time to start looking for the perfect ring? When is the best time of the year to buy an engagement ring? If you’re looking to buy engagement rings the right way, consult the Modern Gents guide below.

When You Are Sure 

Before you go engagement ring shopping, this is obviously the most important item on the list. If you can’t check this box, there’s no need to keep reading. It doesn’t matter if you got a great price on a stone of exceptional clarity if there isn’t clarity about the relationship itself. Once you are sure you want to get married, there’s no mandatory waiting period for getting an engagement ring. Give yourself enough time to be sure, but also don’t get in your head about it once you’re sure.

It helps to do your homework (more on that below), but if the right ring comes along, don’t hesitate to grab it. The perfect ring doesn’t come with a timer, either, so it’s up to you if the purchase is tied to an immediate proposal or if you are comfortable tucking that precious cargo in a sock drawer for a few months while you plan something elaborate. If you have a proposal date in mind that’s significant to you two, like during the holiday season, it’s much better to have your ring purchase finalized with plenty of time to spare instead of scrambling. The bottom line is that once you’re sure, you want to be proactive about making an educated decision on a ring you love.

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When You Are Educated

Do you have a sense of what she wants or the level of input she would want to have? Maybe she’s open to different ring styles, or maybe her Twitter handle is “princesscut58,” and she left up the search results for engagement rings for women” the last time she borrowed your phone. 

Get a sense of the budget for the purchase. Two to three months’ salary is an outdated standard and a common misconception. This salary range actually stems from an old marketing campaign from De Beers in which men would show their love and commitment with a beautifully cut diamond at the price of a couple of months' worth of their salary. So good news — you can ignore this old marketing tactic, and you don’t have to spend so much on a ring. However, it is still smart to determine how much you would like to plan to spend and if you need to budget accordingly. While you are doing that, educate yourself on the world of engagement jewelry. You don’t need to become a certified gemstone expert, but it helps to have a passing familiarity with vocabulary and industry standards

This is exactly why Mod Gents decided to help make ring shopping less complicated. When you shop at Modern Gents, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank or learning any confusing lingo. Our simulated diamond rings are affordable without compromising quality, and with hassle-free returns, you can shop with confidence and find a ring your future fiancé will love. 

While you’re ring shopping, if you are partnering on the purchase together, keep in mind that you can often get a deal on wedding ring sets, so don’t limit your education to the engagement ring alone. You might be able to find a wedding ring that nests perfectly under the engagement ring!

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When It Is Affordable

If you want to mark your calendar for the most dramatic deals, you should circle Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas holiday sales and the week before Valentine’s Day. Much like cars and appliances, there are plenty of well-publicized engagement ring sales where you can save money if you keep your eyes open. Look, there’s something to the aesthetic of the diamond engagement ring around the holidays, but the traditional jewelry industry is more than aware of that. There’s something about the way the carats shine as the holiday lights glint off that center stone, and there’s no denying it. However, when the impulse to buy is at its highest and it’s a popular time to make that purchase, consumers aren’t going to get the best deals.

There isn’t really a definitive “best time of year” to buy an engagement ring. Sure, there are times with more sales, but like we mentioned earlier, those don’t always equal better deals. Certain months can have better prices than others, though, (more on that in a minute) and you can strategize accordingly. 

Now, before you sync your schedule to seasonal sales, remember that the best prices don’t automatically equate to the best values. So, if you are preparing to brave the Black Friday lines, make sure you shop smart. And you should know that waiting on sales isn’t your only shot at getting an affordable option. Modern Gents built a catalog around the idea that the price point shouldn’t be a barrier to a proposal that includes an engagement ring of unimpeachable quality.

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When It Is Available

When it comes to retail cycles, the greatest discounts don’t always line up with the greatest variety, which makes sense. If people are rushing to the jewelers during the holidays, that might not be the best time for a leisurely, wide-ranging search. 

Generally, you can get really good value between July and September, as jewelry stores will be clearing space for their holiday inventory. Shopping for a ring in store on New Year’s, though? Probably not your best option. Even if saving two to three months’ salary is no longer a standard for the people buying rings, it is still firmly baked into the timetable for many of the folks who are selling them, so savvy shoppers can work the system to their advantage. 

But, when you shop online at Mod Gents, you don’t have to worry about inventory cycles and waiting until the right moment to go shopping. If you see a certain ring out of stock, fear not! Our team works diligently to make sure our product offering is as up-to-date as possible and not only features our best-sellers, but also showcases new styles to choose from. Buying your engagement ring online can take a lot of the pressure off you, all while allowing you to see a wide variety of styles quickly and in one place.

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Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful. When you shop at Modern Gents, every day is the best time to buy an engagement ring! With prices that will make your wallet happy and rings that will make your fiancé happy, you can’t go wrong with an engagement ring from Mod Gents. Plus, we offer a Lifetime Warranty and a flexible return policy, so you have even more peace of mind. When it's time for that wedding band, too, we’ll be here to help again!

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