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a man holding his phone while wearing a gold colored titanium wedding band

Titanium. It conjures up images of myths and legends, but its corrosion-resistant superpowers are very real. It is the darling of industrial engineers and is used everywhere, from aerospace to hip replacement. Jewelers love it for its extreme versatility, deploying its ultra-durability in a number of colors and shapes. Jewelry shoppers are starting to expect these qualities in their wedding jewelry, but a proliferation of options in terms of size, color and bevelling can create a dizzying choice. Here are a few examples from our Titanium line to help you choose.

The Titan Gold

It’s big, it’s bold. But, unlike the titan Atlas, who bore the heavens on his shoulders, you aren’t going to find it a burden. Remember, that’s the whole point. It’s strong, but it’s not heavy. The bevelling isn’t there to shave off extra weight like a hiker trimming off straps before beginning the Appalachian Trail. Instead, it adds an additional dimension to the ring. And its aerodynamic aesthetic possesses a timeless quality, slipping as seamlessly into an Art Deco set piece as a Space Age display.

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a close up of a mans hand wearing the infinity silver titanium wedding band

The Infinity Silver

OK, here’s another showcase of versatility. The Titan looks hefty but wears light, but the Infinity is a masculine statement piece that can also work as a matching set for both members of the couple. In ancient Greek mythology, Theia was the titan goddess of sight who gave gold, silver and gemstones their shine. This seems like something that would win her approval.

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a close up of a mans hand wearing the titan wedding band in rose gold

The Titan – Rose Gold 

The Titan has a softer side as well. Not one of the rings in our titanium line limits itself to a single color. We know that adaptability is a form of strength, so the Titan comes in black, silver, gold and rose gold. So, if you want to see the romantic side of an imposing figure, or if rose gold is just a better match for your skin tone, we’ve got you covered. 

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a man wearing the infinity black wedding band

The Infinity Black

Did you think we weren’t going to circle back around to the Infinity? It’s the Infinity! Loops are part of the deal. Speaking of deals, our rings are affordable enough that you can have more than one. Don’t get us wrong. We stand by the durability of our rings with a lifetime guarantee. But we know that you might want to switch things up from day to day. Or maybe you just need to replace the infinity ring that slipped over the edge of an infinity pool. You know where to find us.

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Rings have been a symbol of commitment since the ancients drew stories about clashing titans into starry constellations. But ring-making resources and technology have grown exponentially since then. Now we can stream Clash of the Titans on our phones courtesy of a satellite we launched to outer space. So take advantage of that advanced craftsmanship and enjoy the strength and versatility of our Titanium collection. 

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