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While you can use an engagement ring enhancer or a wedding band on your wedding day, they don’t fulfill the same function. While technically you don’t need either on your wedding day, most people opt for one or the other.

Right off the bat, the most significant difference is that enhancers are meant for engagement rings and wedding bands for wedding rings. Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule if you’re opting to just have one ring for both engagement and wedding, but it’s a general rule. 

Engagement Ring Enhancers

This is exactly what it sounds like, though you might also hear it referred to as a ring jacket or ring guard. An engagement ring enhancer enhances your engagement ring by offering a second structure and design element. It will not prevent your ring from being damaged, but it can help prevent it from falling off.

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Enhancers are often unique and ornate, meant to work with simpler rings like solitaire engagement rings. While you’ll typically see a solitaire enhancer with a round stone, you can also wear a ring enhancer with other popular shapes like princess cut or oval rings. They fit neatly with your ring, though. Unlike bridal sets, they are not necessarily sold together. Many times, a ring enhancer features a chevron-shaped band, so the stone from your engagement ring can sit perfectly in the inverted V.

Why You Might Want an Engagement Ring Enhancer

There are two main reasons people opt for enhancers: 

  1. They aren’t purchasing a separate wedding ring and, instead, adding this at the ceremony. 
  2. They want something to enhance a simple ring on special occasions.

While you could choose to just wear an enhancer by itself, it isn’t a particularly common choice. If you want to save money by not buying a wedding ring, but you still want something to add on your wedding day, an enhancer can be the perfect choice. The enhancer really complements the style of center stones in the engagement ring as the extra band frames a solitaire nicely and makes it look more prominent.

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Alternatively, if you’re going all-out and still want a wedding band, an engagement ring enhancer can still be a piece of jewelry you keep for special occasions. If you want to dress up a simple ring for an anniversary dinner or black-tie affair, having an enhancer can give any ring that extra pop

Women’s ring enhancers tend to be the only game in town. While there’s no rule that says men can’t wear wedding ring enhancers, they aren’t particularly popular since most guys opt for a simpler band to begin with. 

Wedding Bands

Here’s the thing: Depending on the person you ask, wedding bands and wedding rings are exactly the same. Now, traditionally, a wedding band was exactly what it sounded like: a simple band without a lot of intricate detail. The wedding ring was the big, ornate one that had everyone jealous. Nowadays, the terms “band” and “ring” are used often interchangeably but are still technically different things. Just a helpful fun fact.

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Why You Might Want a Wedding Band

A wedding band is the more classic option. It’s simpler and made to go with a more ornate wedding ring. If you want to adorn a more detailed ring with a simple and classic add-on, you’ll likely want to check out stackable wedding bands instead of engagement ring enhancers. 

If you want to go really simple, a wedding band can stand by itself well. They’re simple and clean and add plenty of depth to your jewelry choices without being overbearing. This is especially true if you opt for a classic color like yellow gold, sterling silver or a white gold ring. Fine jewelry in any classic color is sure to look good for years to come as well. However, they may not prevent your wedding ring from falling off as well as an enhancer would, so keep that in mind. 

a woman wearing the belle and the desire rings in rose gold

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If you opted for a more unique wedding ring like something with a gemstone or maybe your birthstone, having a wedding band is a really useful backup plan. You probably don’t want to wear a large and ornate stone all the time, so your wedding band gives you a solid daily driver on your ring finger and you can bring out the gemstones for a night out.  

Which One Is Better?

So, this really depends on what you mean by better. If you want something that’s going to be multifunctional, the wedding band is likely better for your purposes. If you want something that’s only brought out on special occasions, you may want to lean towards an engagement ring enhancer. A wedding band can fulfill that duty as well, of course, hence the multifunctionality aspect. 

If you want simplicity, the wedding ring band is likely the way to go. They come in ring sets, meaning you can get a perfect match between the two and a perfect fit as well. You can always go back and add an anniversary band as a ring enhancer, but you can’t really go back and add a wedding band in that same way. If you want an anniversary gift in your back pocket, go for the wedding band now and save a wedding ring enhancer for a special occasion. 

While there are general rules for ring enhancers and wedding bands, you can let your own personal style dictate how you’ll go about them. You can add them or omit them as you see fit. Even, if you like, use them in place of rings. If you like, a wedding set with stackable rings is probably the simplest choice to make, offering a perfect pairing of wedding band and engagement ring. Whatever you feel is the right look for you is what you should ultimately choose.

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