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The Scarlett and The Zoey

Featured: The Scarlett and The Zoey 

Love is all about finding somebody who fits just right — and when you’ve found your perfect fit, an engagement ring is often the next thing on the list! These days, it’s increasingly common to see folks who want to wear an engagement ring and wedding ring as a set. That’s why flush fit engagement rings are some of the most popular designs in wedding jewelry.

Flush fit engagement rings help make sure that your engagement ring and wedding band fit together for a unified and dignified look. Up ahead, we’ll check out what makes flush fit rings popular and take a peek at four of the top flush fit designs from Modern Gents!

So, What Is a Flush Fit Engagement Ring?

A flush fit engagement ring is one that’s designed to sit perfectly on top of (or below) a wedding band. When wearing a wedding and engagement ring together on the same finger, many people want a snug look with no negative space between the two rings. With a flush fit ring, your engagement ring and wedding band will look so natural together that, in some cases, they can actually resemble a single ring!

How to Find a Flush Fit Engagement Ring

Setting height is the first key factor to look for if you’re seeking a flush fit ring. High settings are more prominent and occupy more space on the ring, so they’re less likely to offer a flush fit with a wedding ring. Low settings are usually a better choice if you’re looking for a flush fit. (See our guide to high-setting and low-setting rings for more on how these looks differ.)

The Evermore

Featured: The Evermore

A flush fit engagement ring will also usually have straight shanks. Rings with twisted or scalloped shank designs can look truly beautiful, but they don’t lend themselves well to being stacked with a wedding band. Speaking of the wedding band, make sure that it’s also stackable. If the wedding band itself has a complex design, even a flush fit engagement ring may not fit quite perfectly.

Want a setting that you know will sit flush with the wedding ring? We offer engagement and wedding ring sets specifically designed for a seamless look! Hop over to our bridal sets and check out all of the gorgeous combo options we have available. 

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Four Awesome Flush Fit Engagement Rings

The One and Only

1. The One and Only

With a name like that, how could we start with anything else? The One and Only is one of our most classic designs, and it’s a great example of a low profile flush fit ring. The solitaire center stone gives you just the right blend of subtlety and sparkle, and the low-riding basket setting will give this ring a seamless look with a wide variety of wedding bands. 

The Evermore

2. The Evermore

This stunning bridal set is proof that a flush fit ring can be as large and in charge as you want it! The eye-catching 1.5 carat round cut center stone isn’t shy about announcing itself, and its full halo setting creates a definitive luxurious look. Of course, it’s also built for a perfect fit with its companion wedding band, a half-eternity ring with a gorgeous semi-channel setting that adds a second row of stones for a positively galactic level of sparkle.

The Belle and The Forever

Featured: The Belle and The Forever

3. The Belle

If you’re ready to create a ring combination worthy of your great love story, The Belle is an ideal place to start. It’s a ring as beautiful as its namesake, with a jaw-dropping oval cut 1.5 carat center stone surrounded by a majestic halo. On top of that, it’s designed for a great fit with numerous styles of wedding bands, including our Desire and Promise bands! 

The Amore

4. The Amore

Feel like shouting your love from the rooftops? Consider the Amore, a new take on the classic design with a 2-carat princess cut center stone that radiates passion. While that stone is justifiably the star of the show, the double rows of brilliant pavé settings (one on the engagement ring and one on the wedding band) fit perfectly together and create a look that will leave no doubt of your dedication!

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