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Fun & Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

You’ve reached one of the pinnacles of adulthood and can now start planning your dream wedding and a happy marriage. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something?

The big reveal!

Your friends and family will want to know about your engagement. You could call everyone up, send a group text, or post a simple announcement on social media. But where’s the fun in that? Here are some creative ways to let everyone know you’re ready to tie the knot:

The Classic Ring Photo Shoot

Woman's left hand wearing The Queen on ring finger

Ring: The Queen

What better way to announce your big news than to show off the ring? There are so many different ways you can do this. You can display it on your hand, although many brides like to get a manicure before they do this. You can incorporate props like the ring box, or something that says “I said yes!” If the proposal took place in a beautiful location, make sure to include it as a backdrop not just for the announcement, but for your own memories as well.

Proposal Video

Woman's holding juice wearing The Evermore set on left ring finger

Ring: The Evermore

This one will take some planning on the part of whoever is doing the proposing, but it can be a great way to remember the moment as well as make an announcement. Hire a videographer to put together a short video of the proposal, and maybe include mini scenes where the person proposing talks about their plan or why they’ve decided to pop the question.

Zoom Engagement Party

Woman's left hand wearing The I Do on ring finger

Ring: The I Do

As the world adjusts to new rules regarding social distancing and keeping one another safe, some aspects of life need to adjust as well. If you were hoping to throw a party to announce your engagement, you still can! Get your close friends and family together on Zoom or another video conferencing tool for a social distancing party, but don’t tell them what it’s for. When everyone has their drinks and snacks and is settled in, make the announcement!

Engagement Day Photo Story

Woman's left hand wearing The Grace on ring finger

Ring: The Grace

This one is similar to the engagement video, but you can accomplish it with your own camera and a secret photographer at the time of the proposal. Take advantage of Facebook’s album feature and put together a photo story of the day of the engagement. You can even name it something generic and include something along the lines of, “You won’t believe how this day ended!” The photos should show bits and pieces of the day, all culminating in the final photo of either the proposal or the ring.

The moment you announce your engagement, no matter which way you choose to do it, you can expect an outpouring of congratulations and questions.

You might want to take a little break from social for a day or two to avoid feeling overwhelmed. After all, the next step is wedding planning, and that’s an adventure of a whole different kind!