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Your wedding date is fast approaching, and you’re both thrilled! Before you know it, everyone will be toasting your marriage. Your bride-to-be has probably waited ages for this special day, so it’s only fitting that you mark it with a special present. But what should you give her? The answer depends on your soon-to-be spouse and her unique personality, but we’ve got some amazing gifts below to help you get the ideas flowing. 

You’ve gotten a gift for the groomsmen and best man (probably). The bridesmaids have likely gotten some love from your bride. So, why shouldn’t the bride and groom have a gift exchange before the wedding? A wedding gift doesn’t have to just be for the wedding party. Yes, you’ve already got your fiancégorgeous engagement ring. That’s the ideal situation at least. However, there’s something special about a bride gift in that it allows your unique relationship to shine with a memento before you two say “ I do.” Even if it’s just a simple trinket, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts.

Before we get started, let’s go over a couple of things to avoid:

  • Anything generic. Your love story is unique — your gift should be the same! If it’s something you could get at a gas station (leave the keychain with her initials on the rack), pass on it. If that thing happens to have sentimental value, ignore this advice. Personalized wedding gifts are the ideal way to go.
  • Last-minute shopping. You want this gift to be thoughtful and for it to come from the heart. Few things say “I love you” less than a pack of gum hastily wrapped in a CVS bag. Do we think you’re going to do that? No, but just in case.

Now that those are out of the way, here are a few awesome ideas for some amazing groom-to-bride spoiling.

1. A Unique Piece of Jewelry — Jewelry is a great gift typically reserved for big life milestones and special occasions. Consider surprising her with a special piece of bridal jewelry that she can wear down the aisle. Just make sure it’s something she doesn’t already have planned to wear. Go for a bracelet, earrings or a necklace since she’s already got her big day rings covered. If she’s already got all that dialed in, go for a ring dish or something to complement her jewelry choices.


2. A Wristwatch or Pocket Watch — A watch is one of those always-perfect gifts that is one-part fashion and one-part function. We love it for wedding-day gift giving because of the many fun puns it can evoke. Pair it with a card — or, better yet, have it engraved with time-inspired wording that reads, “I will love you forever” or “A once-in-a-lifetime love.” Include a shot of a gift like this in your wedding photos!

3. A Ring for the Honeymoon — If you spent a hearty chunk of cash on her engagement and wedding ring, you might want to consider surprising her with a stand-in for the honeymoon. The fact is that you don’t want to travel with thousands of dollars’ worth of precious metals and gems on your hands, but a stylish set of travel rings can serve as the perfect solution. Sure, she may not love the idea of taking off her ring right after getting it, but a matching set of stand-ins will make the idea much more palatable. If you decide against it, at least make sure you’ve got a good insurance policy on your ring. 


4. A Custom-Framed Print — Personalized gifts are always a good choice, and not just for newlyweds! Presumably, after the wedding, you’ll either continue to or start building a home together, and you’re going to need some special stuff to fill the walls. Browse Etsy or contact local makers to create a personalized framed print that signifies something special about your relationship, such as where you met or the night sky on your first date. Perfect idea for anniversary gifts, too!

5. A Framed Copy of Your Wedding Vows — This is one of the sweetest and most sentimental gift ideas for couples planning to write their own vows. Save your original handwritten vows — or rewrite them nicely if the original is a bit sloppy or typed out — and have them framed. Grab a matching frame for her vows. You’ll have to wait until after the ceremony to give this one so that her reaction to your vows at the altar is raw and genuine. If you didn’t write your own vows, a handwritten note expressing your love on your wedding day will also look great in a picture frame.

6. A Video for Those Who Couldn’t Make It — If you want to get really sentimental, consider making a video featuring out-of-town guests and those who couldn’t make it for the wedding. Surprise her by showing her before she gets ready to walk down the aisle. If it’s a tear-jerker, maybe wait until after the ceremony, as you don’t want to risk her messing up her makeup! If you want to be Husband of the Year right out of the gate, consider pairing this with our next gift idea!

7. An Embroidered Handkerchief — Monograms are just a good gift pick in general. If your future wife tends to be sensitive (hey, nothing wrong with a little waterworks!), consider arming her with an elegant way to get sappy as she faces you at the altar. A dainty handkerchief — perhaps with an embroidered message from you to her — is a sweet and original way to encourage her to let it all out in style! It will also serve as a wedding keepsake from the special day for years to come. If you know she’s gonna cry, maybe keep this one in your pocket. You can pull it out like a debonair magician at the opportune moment.

8. A Bottle of Champagne for Getting Ready — If you want to do something small yet meaningful, have a bottle of good bubbly waiting for her wherever she’s getting ready with her maid of honor and bridesmaids. She’ll be super excited to pop the bottle with her girlfriends while she prepares for her big saunter down the aisle. Make sure to add a sweet, handwritten love note saying how excited you are to marry her! You should also probably include champagne flutes in there unless you expect she prefers to drink from the bottle.

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There is no perfect wedding, no perfect wedding dress, no perfect wedding gift. That’s not to sound nihilistic, it’s just reality. It’s never going to be perfect, but that’s part of what makes it special. You can’t control everything on your wedding day. You just have to accept the memories that come of it. All you can do is put together your best effort and think through what bride gift (or groom gift, if your fiancé is here reading this trying to get some ideas) you should give. The best wedding gifts come from the heart, as cheesy as that sounds.

At the end of the day, as long as you choose something that evokes that “I can’t wait to marry you” feeling, you’ll be well on your way to earning the Spouse of the Year award. Like we said, as cheesy as it is, it’s truly the thought that counts in this scenario. If you think through it well, you can’t go wrong. Skip the generic or basic in favor of the custom or unique. A unique gift box is an immediate way to make even the simplest gift all the more special, and that keepsake box can be held onto and used for years to come. And don’t forget to explore our complete selection of gorgeous wedding jewelry for some excellent ideas.


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