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A glance at your rose gold jewelry is like catching a sunset at its glorious peak. Today, however, it feels like you are gazing at that magnificent sunset through a dirty window. Don’t worry — your jewelry isn’t fading away into the darkness. It just needs to be cleaned. Did no one mention that your women’s or men’s rose gold wedding band would need the occasional scrub and polish? Well, we’re here to tell you it does!

If you’ve been scarred by years of damaging things by trying to clean them, let us reassure you. This isn’t like the sweater that emerged from the dryer several sizes smaller. Or the expensive camera lens you were supposed to hold for your photographer friend during a jungle hike. Jewelry is designed to endure. However, it’s best not to test the limits of its endurance with shabby treatment, so here’s what you need to know about cleaning rose gold jewelry before you drive off into the perpetual sunset.

What Makes Rose Gold Unique?

Obviously, what sets rose gold apart from other jewelry, appearance-wise, is its reddish hue. The romantic shade that helped popularize rose gold rings for women comes from the copper in the alloy. Rose gold won’t tarnish, which is another one of its many attractive qualities, but, over time, the color may deepen or intensify. That can make the piece more valuable, especially as an antique. So, the main goal in caring for the rose gold is not worrying about color change as a sign of tarnishing but, rather, about preserving its natural color as it intensifies.

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So, What Is The Right Way to Clean Rose Gold Jewelry?

Avoid harsh cleaning solutions that will strip that color away. Be proactive by regularly buffing the jewelry with a dry polishing cloth. That way, you limit the frequency of deep cleans. When you do need to clean jewelry, you can start with mild soap and water. 

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Line a container — which could be a shallow bowl, a dishpan, or a thoroughly clean microwavable seven-layer lasagna tray — with a cloth so that the jewelry won’t get scratched. Add about two inches of warm but not hot water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Completely submerge the jewelry. Leave it there for 2-5 min. Then remove it and rub it clean, making sure not to use anything abrasive; even your fingers will do in a pinch. We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub your jewelry.

Then put your jewelry in another lined bowl of clean water. Swish your items around to make sure that the cleaning solution is completely rinsed off. After all, soap scum residue is probably one of the main things you are trying to remove in the first place. Trot out that trusty polishing cloth for gentle drying action and call it a day!

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Other Ways to Treat Your Rose Gold Jewelry Right

If you treat your jewelry with care between cleanings, you usually won’t need more than this simple soak to reset your rose gold’s shine. So get in the habit of giving your ring a quick daily inspection – nothing elaborate, just a quick once over – and a weekly wash. 

These short breaks also give you a chance to make sure that the skin resting against the jewelry gets its share of hygienic care. The high-quality, hypoallergenic material that we use in our jewelry won’t irritate your skin on its own, but if you are washing your ring but not your hands, you might not be getting the thorough cleaning you need!

And just as you wanted to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your jewelry, avoid them when wearing your jewelry. You should be doing this for your skin’s sake anyway! If you need to remove a ring to put on protective gloves, make sure that you have a secure place or protective container to put the ring so that it won’t get damaged or lost. 

Accidents Happen

Of course, accidents happen. If your ring has reached a state you can’t salvage with your at-home approach, consider having it professionally serviced. Feel free to consult our guarantee page to learn more about getting your piece serviced or resized under our Lifetime Warranty. And if the jewelry has been lost or is damaged beyond repair, our affordable catalogue means that a replacement won’t break the bank. 

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