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Whether you’re planning on getting on one knee or want to spoil your sweetie with a just-because-I-love-you ring, you’ll probably want to bring some element of surprise. But how do you do that if you don’t know what ring size they wear? Easy: Channel your inner well-dressed British spy and get sneaky. Well, that’s one way to do things. We’ve also got a laundry list of great options to help you score their size in secret so you can get the perfect ring.

We know surprises can be stressful. But fear not, surprise hopefuls, because we know how to find out someone’s ring size without asking them! Remember — when you shop our affordable engagement rings, your purchase comes backed by easy returns and exchanges. That means you can easily trade an ill-fitting ring in for something different if the size just isn’t right. Here’s what else you can do.

  • Snag a Ring They Already Own — First up: the Bond method. Borrowing an existing ring from her jewelry box is always the most ideal choice. By far the best way to get someone’s ring size without asking them is to snag a ring they already own. This may require you to sneak around the house a bit while playing spy music — hey, it helps. Make sure to snag a ring that is meant for your partner’s ring finger — even on the same person, fingers can actually differ in size so you want a ring that will properly fit the right finger!
  • Take It to a Jeweler — Now that you’ve got a ring in your possession, you can have a professional look it over. Obviously, make sure to be super careful with your choice of local jeweler or jewelry store here. You don’t want to lose or ruin their favorite ring.
  • Draw a Sketch — If you’re able to nab one of your partner’s rings, you might not have to risk taking it out of the house. Instead, lay it on a plain piece of paper and trace the edges, inside and out. We recommend going over the marks multiple times just to make sure you have the right size. You might even consider enlisting the help of another person who can hold the ring still while you trace it. Once you’ve got a good mockup, you can use a ring size guide online. For the latter, you’ll need to measure the diameter and circumference of your sketch.  
Check Out Our Handy Ring Size Chart
  • Try It on — It sounds silly, but if your recipient’s fingers are smaller than yours, you can use the ring and your finger (even your pinky!) to identify the size. Put the ring on your finger as far as it will go and then use the string method at that spot to determine the right size in relation to your own ring size.

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  • Order a Common Size — Here’s a fun fact for you: The average U.S. ring size is a 6 for women and a 10 for men. It’s no guarantee that your recipient wears the average ring size, but buying a more common size could, at least, put you in the right ballpark. This way, they can get a good idea of ring style and then exchange it for the right size later.
  • Ask a Friend or Family Member — While it may seem odd to you to know other people’s ring sizes, it’s not uncommon for friends to try on each other’s rings and make note of their finger sizes. There’s a chance one of their friends or family members might know the ring size or at least have a general idea of whether to go up or down from the average. Have your partner’s best friend ask to go try on rings together — just for fun! — and have them report back to you on the ring size. Hey, ring shopping can be a lot of fun so this might not arouse too much suspicion. Just remember to inquire with someone you really trust so you don’t blow the surprise! 
  • Go Try on Rings — If you’re planning on a surprise proposal, take them to a professional jeweler months before the big reveal and ask them to try on various rings. In secret, mention to the jeweler that you don’t know your partner’s ring size. They will usually be able to help you identify the right size in a discreet way. Tip: Remember to write it down! It seems like such a simple thing, but when you’re trying to be secretive, it’s easy to forget someone else’s engagement ring size.

What Not to Do

There are a few myths out there that have just stuck around forever. As you’re looking to fit a ring to your (hopefully) soon-to-be fiance’s left hand, make sure you aren’t believing things that just aren’t true.

  • The Shoe Trick — You’ve probably heard this one before. What is her shoe size? Does she wear a size 7 shoe? Get her a size 7 ring. Problem solved. Yeah — no — don’t do that. Sometimes that ends up being true, but that’s just because of coincidence. The shoe trick may get you accidentally in the ballpark, but it won’t give you an accurate ring size.
  • Ignore the Ring Material — One of the most important things to remember is that not every type of ring can be resized. Malleable materials like gold or silver can be resized to get the perfect fit. However, not every material is malleable enough to be adjusted so you can’t get every ring resized. Make sure you get a resizable material or buy from a retailer with a good return policy.
  • Make It a Surprise No Matter What — Yeah, you want this to be a surprise. We get it. That being said, if you just can’t get your girlfriend’s ring size dialed in, that’s fine. You can always propose with a stand-in and then shop for wedding rings together. Sure, it doesn’t have all the luster of the classic proposal, but it’s a whole lot better than trying to squeeze on a ring that’s too small.

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Think — and Plan — Ahead

When you want to nail the surprise, it’s crucial that you think ahead and start planning early. If you have months to gather the necessary information, that’s only going to make your life easier. Even if you outright ask, “Hey, what’s your ring size?” — if you do it early enough, your partner is likely to eventually forget and your surprise will be epic.

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