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How to Have a Beautiful Courthouse Wedding

With the pandemic in full force, more people are opting for courthouse weddings.

Some prefer a courthouse wedding regardless of a global pandemic, simply due to cost and/or the simplicity, or for the intimacy that a courthouse wedding provides. But just because your wedding may be small, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! Here are some ways to make your courthouse wedding as beautiful as you dreamed it could be.

Married couple's hands in front of a floral bouquet

Rings: The Titan, The One and Only, The Desire

1. Take (professional) pictures.

No matter what kind of wedding you have, it's always a good idea to take pictures on your big day. While it may not offer the same picturesque views as a traditional ceremony, courthouses can still be a beautiful place to take your pictures. Some are not only beautiful, but also historical, which will add extra meaning to your day as you add to the history of the building. Hiring a professional photographer will allow you and the people attending to focus on the ceremony while someone else snaps away to capture memories! Afterwards, head over to a beautiful, scenic place for more photos of you & your sweetheart. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Wedding photographer

2. Dress nicely.

One of the benefits of a courthouse wedding is that you and your fiancé/e can dress however you want. But still getting gussied up will help make your ceremony feel beautiful and meaningful. After all, it’s not everyday that you get married, and dressing up for the occasion will help make it special! Choose a simple white dress, put some flowers in your hair, and wear some cute, comfortable shoes. Whether your wedding is big or small, you should still feel absolutely beautiful on your big day.

Bride and groom on courthouse steps

3. Pick out a vibrant bouquet.

Your choice of flowers will add to the beauty of your wedding no matter where the event takes place. But one way to extend that beauty is to get creative with your bouquet. You can stick with the idea of a classic bouquet, or switch it up with fake flowers that you can keep forever. Maybe choose many different colors to make your floral arrangement pop! This allows you to express yourself and will make your wedding that much more memorable.

Floral wedding bouquet

4. Have a meaningful ring exchange.

Exchanging rings is something done no matter what kind of wedding you have.  And with Modern Gents, your ring ceremony can be beautiful and affordable! They offer a variety of rings for each unique taste, for both men and women. Shop the full collection here! While you're ring shopping, check out some of their bridal accessories as well. Beautiful bling will add to the beauty of your big day!

The Evermore set and The Titan

5. Write your own vows.

In a courthouse ceremony, basic vows will be provided. However, preparing your own to share will make the ceremony more meaningful and beautiful. This is the day of your marriage, a day that two lives come together, and writing your own vows will help make the ceremony unforgettable.

Groom holding wedding vows book

6. Exit out in style!

Back in the day, it was customary to throw rice on the couple as they exited the courthouse; congratulating them as they started life together. Nowadays, we don’t throw rice, but making your courthouse exit a big one can help make the wedding beautiful and special. Maybe have the few guests you invite blow bubbles as you exit. Sparklers are another popular choice, or even confetti. A big exit is another way to add beauty to your day.

Wedding party celebrating with sparklers

7. Sprinkle in meaningful touches.

Whether you are having a courthouse wedding due to the pandemic or because it's the wedding you planned, adding personal touches throughout your ceremony can make all the difference. This day is about the love you have for each other, and meaningful touches can help make your wedding day special and beautiful. Enjoy your day, even if it's not the one you envisioned.

The Sofia and The Bourbon
Rings: The Sofia, The Bourbon