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If you wear rings regularly, chances are you have dealt with some issues when it comes to finding the perfect size and fit. Among other problems, rings with stones or pendants on top tend to slip, move or “spin” while being worn. If you’re looking to stop your ring from spinning on your finger, we share the best solutions to help prevent this annoying problem.

Why Does My Ring Spin?

This problem occurs when your finger swells or shrinks in different temperatures, your weight fluctuates and even when gravity simply comes into play. When it comes to your favorite rings (i.e., your engagement ring), you want to be able to wear them proudly and stylishly without any mishaps or movement.

You also may have this issue if you have large knuckles relative to your fingers. This isn’t the most common reason, but it’s certainly one reason your engagement ring may be spinning. Even if you have a less common reason, there are some effective solutions to make sure that the ring sits comfortably on your finger and that your engagement ring spinning comes to an end.

Here are a few solutions to consider when your ring spins on your finger.

At-Home Fixes

Thankfully, there are a few ways to do it yourself if you need to keep your ring from spinning on your finger. You might recognize some of these tips and tricks as they really do work, especially if you are in a pinch and don’t have time to get help from a jeweler. 

However, these solutions are definitely more of a quick fix and, while they can be useful in a time of need, they aren’t geared towards being a forever fix. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you’ll want to skip past these and go to the professional options for a permanent fix. 

1. The Tape Trick

The old tape trick still stands strong as one of the best last-minute ring resizing techniques. By wrapping or cutting tape to fit the inside of your ring, it creates a smaller circumference of the ring itself, allowing your finger to fit more tightly in the middle. If done with a bit of finesse, this tactic is rather seamless and virtually unnoticeable! Similar solutions are performed by wrapping string, floss, adhesive bandages or an elastic band around the bottom of the ring. If you’re left to your own devices, get creative and use the materials around you. 

2. Ring Guards

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Ring guards are a more stress-free solution to ring spinning. Ring guards are usually made of clear plastic, making them extremely discreet. They come in different sizes and widths as well which makes it easy to size your ring quickly and efficiently. Whether your ring is an old family heirloom or one of our affordable engagement rings, a ring guard can help save the day and will last longer than string or tape solutions. Additionally, many people pick a wedding ring that complements the shape of their engagement ring, helping to keep the engagement ring in place.

Do I Need a Ring Guard for My Engagement Ring?

For some, a temporary fix might be the best option. When dealing with weight loss, travel to different climates or seasonal temperature changes that might cause your ring finger to swell and shrink, it’s better to go for one of these temporary options rather than permanently resize your ring. 

You’ve also got the option of going with a silicone ring as a temporary solution. Silicone rings are super economical and quite comfortable. They’re going to expand more easily than traditional metal rings. Though they won’t expand significantly, they’re going to be able to accommodate mild to average levels of temporary swelling in your fingers. If you have anything beyond that, you’ll want to stop wearing a ring entirely until you see a medical professional anyway.

Professional Fixes

Sometimes, it’s best to let the professionals take care of things, especially when it comes to items like your engagement ring. If you’ve chosen one of our affordable wedding rings, that (thankfully) leaves more room in your budget for resizing costs or getting a brand new ring! 

Resizing is going to have its limitations, though. Some materials can’t be resized due to hardness. Materials like carbon fiber or tungsten functionally can’t be resized without snapping. Maybe you could get the tiniest bit more room, and that’s a strong maybe, but it basically would make no difference. That said, classic materials like gold and silver are soft enough that they can be resized. Technically, you can resize a ring by up to about five sizes, but we really don’t recommend that. Also, you just shouldn’t be five sizes off on your ring size. Get a ring sizer before making your purchase and minimize that hassle.

If your ring is constantly spinning or slipping regardless of finger size or other factors, you might find it best to take your ring to a jeweler for a consultation. Here are some solutions your chosen jeweler might recommend. 

How Should a Ring Fit, Anyway?

Though there are many options when it comes to having your ring professionally resized, one common and minimally invasive technique is to use ring sizer beads. These beads, which are usually made of metal, pop into the bottom of certain ring styles and add a bit more security between the ring and your finger. 

Another option might be to add a hinge or fold over device to your ring, though be aware that this type of solution can get a bit pricey. It is especially helpful for those with larger knuckles and small fingers because it allows the wearer to open the bottom of the ring via a hinge and snap the ring shut once put in place. That type of adjuster may be worth the money to you, but it’s definitely a commitment. This is that idea we talked about at the beginning of this article, if you’re playing along at home. The fold over device is essentially a small metal bar above the bottom of the ring which eliminates some extra space between your finger and the bottom of the ring, allowing for a perfect fit. You won’t have to have a big ring that’s too large for your fingers but accommodates your knuckles this way. The future really is now.

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However you choose to resize your ring, whether it be a quick fix or full professional process, it’s important to know that you have options. Permanently resizing a ring should be done no more than once or twice to preserve the piece. That’s why Modern Gents offers beautiful rings at affordable prices! When you’re in need of a new ring, you can search for many styles that range from modern to vintage and everything in between. In order to purchase the right size Modern Gents ring for you, check out this post on how to measure your ring size at home

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