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How to Make a Big Wedding Seem More Intimate

Deciding on your wedding guest list is always the hardest part of any wedding planning process.

Try as you might, you can only cut out so many distant cousins, uncles, and workmates. 

For couples who want their wedding to have a more intimate feel, a large guest list may have them feeling like they will have to scrap their wedding plans. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. To help you out in your planning process, we’ve put together seven ways you can make your big wedding seem more intimate!

The Evermore set and The Titan

Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

Choose A Cozy Venue

Having a big wedding doesn’t mean that your venue can’t be intimate. Instead of opting for a large ceremony hall or ballroom, choose a venue that has several rooms. This allows guests to move from room to room, giving it a homey and cozy vibe.

Wedding reception venue

Feature Romantic and Moody Lighting

Feature romantic and moody lighting in your venue instead of bright spotlights. Tables lit by candlelight will give everyone a soft and glowy look, making your guest feel like they’re having dinner by a cozy fire. String lights, fairy lights, and lanterns will also add an intimate feel no matter how large the space is!

Romantic outdoor wedding aisle

Lower The Ceilings

Kick your moody lighting up a notch by lowering the ceiling with chandeliers. You can also choose to lower the ceiling with suspended florals, cascading curtains, and string lights to help create a more intimate setting!

Dangling chandelier

Have A Lounge Space

A lounge space gives guests a place to mingle and chat away from all the chaos of the reception. Guests who want to kick back over a glass of wine will love a space with couches and ottomans to relax between songs! Don't think strictly inside, though. Having an outdoor lounge can help enhance the vibe and intimacy factor!

Outdoor lounge area

Add Personalized Touches

Even though you may make a special effort to get around to everyone, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to have a meaningful conversation with all your guests. To help with this, leave personalized messages to your guests at their seats. You can include their name and a small memory that you share to make them feel special.

Table setting name card

Divide Up Space

To give a larger space a more intimate feel, try dividing up your space with tables, decorations, or drapes. If possible, try to select a venue that comes with smaller rooms to make the most of the space. You could even bring in false walls or other specialty decors like cascading lights to create designated spaces for your guests to move through.

String lights

Make A Seating Plan

Scrap your plans for large circular tables and go with long rectangular tables where guests don’t have to yell to be heard. Long tables are reminiscent of Sunday dinners with the family, and this setup makes it easier for your guests to get to know one another with intimate conversation.

Decorated reception venue