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How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

One of the trickiest tasks a couple has to take on during wedding planning is the guest list.

While you may want to include everyone, sometimes it’s just not possible due to your budget. If you're trying to save money, having a smaller guest list will help with that. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down your wedding guest list:

1. Have a kid policy

Adopt a kid policy early on into planning. You could decide to have a cut off age, such as no kids under the age of 14. If you have exceptions to the rule, these must be explained to included parties before the big day. This way, no one feels slighted.

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2. Divide guests into categories

Trying to cut people from the list can leave you feeling guilty. One way to combat this is to divide your guests into categories. Start with immediate family, close relatives, extended family, close friends, family friends, coworkers, and so on.  Put people in these categories due to the highest priority. Start cutting people who end up at the bottom of the list. You’ll find it easier to cut people once you figure out what category they fit into.

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3. Think about the future

When creating your guest list, think about people who mean a lot to you now, and people you want in your life in five years. If someone fits into neither of those categories, chances are they don’t need to be attending your big day.

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4. Have an A and B list

Consider creating an A and B List. The A list consists of all your first choice guests and the B list consists of others lower on your priority list. Send out your group A guest list ahead of time, and give them about four weeks to RSVP. Depending on their responses, you can send out invites from your B list with a later RSVP date. Be sure to send out these B-list responses at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

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5. Say no to plus ones

You want your guests to be happy, and sometimes that means bringing a date. However, when trying to narrow down your guest list, this may mean you tighten down on who gets a plus one. Try seating single people who know each other together to help smooth over any awkwardness they may feel.  If you do need to extend plus one’s, try to give them to long term relationships that you are confident will last.

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What if you can't narrow it down any further, but you still want to save money?

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