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a woman wearing a set of stacked bracelets

Spread the good news: Bracelet stacking is still trending. Instead of narrowing down your jewelry options to a single piece that sums up your personality and suits the occasion, you can embrace the pleasure of plenty. But where to begin? A set of hard rules for bracelet stacking is antithetical to that spirit of abundance. However, if you are making your first foray into arm jewelry since summer camp friendship tokens, here are some helpful guidelines.

Avoid Formal Snares 

When it comes to formal occasions, you want your jewelry to be eye-catching, not clothes-snagging. With everything that is already going on at a wedding, the last thing you need is to snare your new mother-in-law’s sequined collar when you lean in for a hug. There’s no graceful exit strategy in that scenario, no matter how elegant the dress or well-stacked the bracelets.  

So pick the kind of sleek bridal bracelet that adds sparkle without risking a tangle. Keeping their clasps to themselves is probably top priority for formal bracelet wear, but other key words might include “slender,” “metal” and “gemstone.”

Feel the Noise 

Keep in mind that a bracelet stack isn’t just a sight, it’s also a sound. The clash of bangles might help finetune the vibe of that summer concert cover band, especially if you are Rocking the Casbah or Walking Like an Egyptian (and yes, people still do that). But you might not want to announce your presence with a noisy ensemble when you show up late to an important meeting.

Create a Classic Core, Then Stack for the Season

Life’s more fun if you’re not stuck in a stack rut. Assemble a solid foundation of standard classics, and then build up a collection of more out-there accessories. Mix in bright, waterproof bracelets of the summer and be ready to swap them out for tortoiseshell jewel tones for the fall. If the season you are currently in happens to be wedding season, peruse our affordable bridal jewelry sets for a winning combination.

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Celebrate Different Aspects of Your Life

Consider mixing in a letter bracelet if you have kids or work in a more kid-centric environment. Nostalgic bead bracelets are having a come-back moment and make a playful pairing with your more elevated adult bangles.

Make the Most of Mixing It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix metals or to vary widths and weights. In fact, that’s the best approach to take. Nothing takes the fun out of bracelet stacking like ensuring everything is homogenous and symmetrical — that’s like trying to micromanage a party. But like a party, you don’t want to overdo it. We aren’t going to limit you to a specific number, but you shouldn’t overload those arms with so many bracelets that they restrict movement. Nor do you want to include too many heavy pieces or place them side by side since they can tip the scales toward clunkiness. 

Experiment and Document

Bracelets slip on and off, so it’s easy to reorder a displeasing stack. Unless you enjoy keeping tabs on your favorite combinations as some kind of memory game, snap some pics. Not just of bracelets, either. Keep an eye out for other patterns in the wild whose color schemes you appreciate, from a rack of paisley shirts to a row of stained glass windows. Pay attention to what works with other accessories — if you are indulging in high-drama earrings, you might want to dial back the more ostentatious arm candy. 

a woman wearing a set of silver stackable bracelets

Modern Gents makes things even easier with our no-hassle return policy since we know trial and error is key in getting that bracelet stack right. And we are committed to quality craftsmanship and transparent sourcing so that you can flaunt those bracelet stacks without worrying about where they came from.

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