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stacked wedding rings

Every fashionista knows that it’s the details that define your style. If a single ring can make a statement, how we stack our rings tells a story. You can be bold and playful, sentimental or chic. But whichever your choice, let it elevate your look. Most importantly, let it elevate you. 

Where to Begin

One way to think about stacking and pairing rings is to start with a distinctive piece. For some, it might be their engagement ring or a wedding band and for others, it may be a ring they discovered in a vintage shop or received at graduation. No matter the piece, we recommend you let it stand by itself and then strategically build around it, placing corresponding rings on your surrounding fingers. 

Another approach is to place your favorite ring on your favorite finger and start stacking. Let the style of your statement piece inform what comes next. An ornate or large ring could be paired beautifully with a simpler band. Or conversely, a simpler wedding band could be paired with one of grander style (such as your engagement ring). 

Some prefer a minimalist approach that includes a few rings in one metal and style to keep the look clean and unified. Others prefer to stack as if their hand was a skyline with multiple fingers adorned by multiple rings using different shapes, styles and size. In the end, it’s really just about finding a look that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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Mix It Up 

As we said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a minimalist approach to jewelry. Sometimes, less is more. But more can also be more. Stacking rings is about expressing yourself and even pushing convention.

That means it’s OK to match metals of different colors. In fact, Modern Gents encourages you to experiment. And with our prices, you can afford to do so. Our stackable wedding rings interlock perfectly with each other so you can mix and you can match. Further, our affordable wedding band sets made of 925 sterling silver are plated with either silvery-white rhodium, rose gold or yellow gold. Trust us, all three will look stunning on your hand, however you choose to arrange them.

In fact, the ability to contrast rings also applies to style, width and textures. Don’t be afraid to wear a set of vintage-styled rings on one finger and a set of modern rings on the other. Or pair rings of one width or texture with those of others. 

To put it simply, there is no right or wrong way to stack your rings — there is only your way. No woman is singular in her style. Why should her hands be?

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Use Complementary Colors

Did you ever take an art class in school? If so, you might remember learning that some colors naturally look better together than they do with others and that’s because on the color wheel, they are “opposites.” This means that no other color pairings provide our eyes with greater contrast. These “complementary colors” include green and red and blue and orange, as well as purple and yellow.

Primary colors aren’t just reserved for art class. We can — and should — use them to define our style and our jewelry. For color stacking fun, Modern Gents strongly recommends one of our signature rings, “The Halo,” featuring a beautiful 1.5ct simulated stone sitting atop a shimmering 925 sterling silver band. Available in six colors, we suggest stacking our red ruby with our green emerald; our deep blue tanzanite and our citrus-colored morganite; or our morganite with our pink sapphire

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Stack with Meaning

Stacking your rings should be fun and effortless. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t also stack with sentiment. Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or single, you can stack rings in a way that holds significance to your life. 

Stack a ring for every year (or every fifth year) you’ve been with your significant other. If you have children, stack a ring in one color for a son and in another color for a daughter. Maybe you’re an avid traveler and want a ring to stack for every country you’ve visited. 

Whatever matters to you and whatever you’ve accomplished, recognize it and remind yourself every day of the amazing life you’ve lived. 

Leave a Little to the Imagination

All of the guidelines laid out above are true. There are limitless possibilities when stacking rings, pairing styles and creating meaning behind every ring. Even so, it’s important to know when to edit and leave a finger or two ring-free. It’s also a good idea not to wear a bracelet on a ring-heavy hand and, instead, wear a bracelet on the other. This balance will help ensure your stack looks amazing, not busy.

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Stack in Style

In the end, the right way to stack your rings is no different than how we should each live our lives: true to ourselves with plenty of color, style and meaning.

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