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How to Throw an Awesome Engagement Party

July 09, 2018

How to Throw an Awesome Engagement Party

You just got engaged, congratulations! 💍 The ring is gorgeous, you’ve got your partner for life, but now what? Time to plan and throw an amazing engagement party!



 Engagement parties are meant to be fun and provide a chance for everyone to extend their congratulations on this exciting new phase of your life, and obviously, to check out that stunning ring! You can choose to keep it casual or make it an enchanting affair, whatever fits your style. However, whether your event is a straight out of a fairytale or filled with rustic charm, there are a few things you need to do in order to make this a fun event for you and your guests! Here are our top 5 tips for planning an engagement party:


Picking a Date 📆

Time is of the essence! With all that goes into planning a wedding, you’ll want to choose a date in the near future — the buzz is still in the air and excitement is high, it’ll make your party that much more exciting. On a more practical scale, having an engagement party shortly after your engagement works well because you can get ya celebration on, but have ample time to get right back to focusing on planning out your big day.


Choosing a Venue 🌾

The venue will play a big role in the rest of the decision-making for your party! Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a a full on extravagant night, the right venue will set the tone perfectly. Beautiful backyards work well for smaller events, while a restaurant with an outdoor patio or nice view may suffice for a larger one. A casual backyard party will require you to hire a caterer or work together with family to cook and prepare food, whereas hosting at a restaurant or party venue will give you inclusive options for food and drink. Consider your ideal budget and number of guests you’d want in attendance when choosing a venue, as this should help you choose an appropriate, yet cost-effective location.


Deciding on a Theme 🎭

Image Credit: Catchmyparty.com

This is where you can personalize your party to fit you and your fiancé’s style. If you both are movie lovers, a Hollywood glam, red carpet event! Did you meet at the local fair? Turn your party into a mini version complete with cotton candy and fair games. This party is about the two of you, what better way to celebrate than to personalize your event and make it your own?


Fancy (but Frugal) Feast 🍰

Save the five course meal for your wedding day! Your engagement party is ideal for light bites and finger foods. If you want to make it a more intimate occasion, you can host a dinner party with a smaller group or if you’re up for feeding the masses, host dinner for your big group! Just keep in mind how many guests you’ll have and what it will take to feed everyone based on your menu choices. One thing that is a must: dessert. Everyone likes to celebrate with a sweet treat!


Create (and stick to) a Budget 💸

While this is an exciting time, budgeting for this party is necessary. This starts with your guest list and making sure you only invite as many people as you can accommodate. Creating a guest list will help you stay on track with your budget since you can keep track of the cost per person for your party.


Image Credit: The Spruce

Engagement parties are the first of many wedding festivities to follow for you and your fiancé. Use this party to share your excitement with friends and family and to celebrate the two of you! Happy planning! 🗒

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