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bride wearing a pendant necklace

So you’ve found the perfect dress to wear on your wedding day. Now what? Accessorizing your wedding dress can be a tricky process because you don’t want to add too much or distract from the beauty of your wedding ring set or the dress itself. It’s important to choose accessories thoughtfully and carefully in order to ensure your overall look is cohesive and appropriate for the occasion. 

Many brides opt for a V-neck style dress because it elongates the neckline and is flattering on many different sizes and shapes. When it comes to adding accessories to this dress style, there are a few options. Bridal jewelry is perhaps the most important accessory in this case because it can really accentuate the dress and the overall look. Here is a look at some of the best jewelry options for a V-neck wedding dress. 

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gold pendant necklace with a gold bracelet

Pendant Necklace

A delicate bridal necklace with a single stone, charm or gem hanging in the middle is a no-brainer when it comes to a V-neck dress. The pendant necklace mimics the shape of the neckline itself, making the “V” seem even more pronounced without you having to show more skin. This type of bridal necklace adds depth and, in most cases, a little more sparkle to the neckline, which is always a good idea. 

A pendant necklace also allows you to show off your own style without overpowering the look. Choose from silver, gold, rose gold or other materials to match the rest of your jewelry and create a cohesive wedding look that is true to your taste and personality. 

Multi-Stone Necklace

If you’re looking for something a bit more eye-catching, consider a necklace with multiple pendants or additions instead of just one. When chosen thoughtfully, these necklaces can really enhance your wedding dress without making the look seem too busy or overdone. Opt for a delicate chain with diamonds, stones, pearls or shapes “by the yard”  for an exciting look that doesn’t overpower your V-neck dress. 

If your style is more dramatic, go all out with a larger or more colorful necklace. It’s important to be true to yourself and feel like the look is your own on your wedding day! While following traditions can be a fun part of your wedding day, don’t be afraid to break the mold and be loud as well, especially when it comes to wedding jewelry. 

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Drop Earrings

There are a few things to factor in when considering your choice in wedding earrings. You want to make sure that your bridal hair and makeup look will be enhanced by your choice in earrings, and many brides go for a drop or dangle earring to achieve this look. Keep in mind that drop earrings need not be super long or dramatic to frame your face, enhance your hairstyle or brighten up your makeup look in addition to your V-neck dress. 

If you’re going for a subtle but sparkly look, opt for diamond or simulated diamond earrings that will elevate your look and create a balance between the V-neck shape on your neckline and the shape of your face. You could also go for longer drop earrings that will elongate your face and neckline, which enhances the V-neck shape even more.

woman wearing a beautiful cluster earring

Post Earrings

Stud or post earrings keep things classic, chic and traditional. It will also allow for your dress style to shine while still adding sparkle and shine. Stud earrings are great for updos and dresses with added touches like lace, mesh, pearls and other additions. 

Most people think of diamond post earrings for wedding looks, but there are so many options when it comes to this style of earring. From silver huggie hoops to pink pearls and beyond, there are a variety of choices and one is sure to speak to your personal style. 

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Balance It Out

Adding jewelry to a V-neck dress might seem like a tricky task, but it’s really all about cohesiveness and balance. If you choose to wear earrings that drop an inch or two from your ear, consider a simple, delicate necklace or none at all. If you fall in love with a bridal necklace with a more pronounced pendant, balance it out with post earrings in a matching metal finish. Overall, it’s all about your style and preference on your big day. 

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