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You’ll find a maid of honor at most every wedding, but a matron of honor isn’t exactly a given. Are they wildly different titles? Well, no. In fact, they’re almost the exact same. The only real difference is marital status, with a maid of honor traditionally being unmarried and a matron of honor being married. 

Technically, if your maid of honor is married, she’s a matron of honor. We say technically because, while it is true, it’s not often a distinction that’s made, especially if it’s a younger married maid of honor. This is all sort of semantic, but still worth knowing. To better understand the full differences between the maid of honor and the matron of honor, keep on reading.

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Duties of the MOH

Whether that MOH stands for a maid or a matron of honor, both basically do the same thing. Both can have the honor of holding onto your wedding band (assuming you’re giving the wedding bands to the best man and maid of honor – there are other options), keep you calm and are generally your Swiss Army Knife for all things wedding-related both beforehand and on the day itself.

They don’t both have to give a speech or do all the traditional MOH duties, but they absolutely can. There are not really a lot of hard and fast rules on this one, so just do what you think is going to make the most sense.

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Which Should You Choose?

This is really just a personal preference! Oftentimes, a maid of honor is a sister or close childhood friend, but you may have a mentor (or your mother) who you want standing up there with you. Really, the only criteria are that the person in question is important to your life, dependable and able to fulfill the requirements of the MOH position.

Can You Have Both?

Yes, absolutely! There are plenty of great reasons to have both. One of the biggest perks of having both is that you double the amount of immediate support you have at your disposal. You can hand duties off to each of them as it makes sense to do so.

Consider adding a matron of honor to your wedding for her experience. Likely, a matron of honor is older and has been married a while. She’s probably seen her share of weddings (not to mention her own) and so she’s got some helpful tips that your unmarried friends just might not think about – unless they’re wedding planners, of course.

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When Should You Have Both?

Well, you can have both anytime you like, but there are certain times it makes more sense to do so. If you’ve got a large bridal party – like double digits large – you may find that having both versions of the MOH available to you is really useful. The two can split the responsibilities. One can run the logistics, and the other can help you pick out your wedding jewelry. Alternatively, one can focus on the bachelorette party while the other focuses on your bridal shower.

Really, this is just a divide-and-conquer scenario. If you feel like having a second set of hands will be beneficial at your wedding, include both. The more, the merrier for your big day!

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