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The Chelsea in Rose Gold

Too often, conversations about silver and gold jewelry are a matter of picking sides between the two. “Do you want this piece of jewelry in gold, or do you want this in silver?” But really, that’s just as silly as saying that because you like cats, you can never own a dog. That’s just not the case. Plenty of people bring both kinds of adorable furballs into their home, and maybe even a goldfish to boot. However, just like managing a menagerie, there are a few style rules to follow if you want gold and silver to mix harmoniously together.

1. Consider Your Wedding Ring

This should have been a clear sign that you could mix and match from the beginning. If you couldn’t mix and match metals, that would mean that folks with rose gold engagement rings were limited to that (admittedly cheerful and romantic) band of the jewelry spectrum for the rest of their lives. However, while your base level of wedding jewelry shouldn’t determine what else you wear, it can be a factor to consider when you are assembling the rest of the ensemble. If you have a bold wedding ring, you can use that as the statement piece and work from there. If you have a gold wedding ring, for example, some complementary silver rings that don’t stand out too much can balance your ring out nicely.

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2. Have More Than One of Each When Layering

You want to demonstrate that this is a deliberate choice and not just the result of poor lighting. You don’t want to have one metal jewelry piece that looks like an accidental outlier. There’s a difference between deliberately mixing jewelry and just grabbing a handful of pieces and hoping for the best. So don’t wear a trio of gold bracelets and a single silver bangle. That just looks like you were rooting around in your drawer in the dark. You don’t have to have the same number of gold and silver pieces, but if you are mixing metals, you should have more than one of each. You don’t have to follow a mathematical formula, but it’s usually better to avoid a split that is exactly even – the balance should tip one direction or another.

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3. Try Duplicating the Designs

Keeping to this deliberate vein, it’s easy for the viewing public to see the pattern when you connect the dots with the same design. If the different pieces share the same style, even if they are made out of different metals, they can still hang together. Even if the styles aren’t identical, similar styles can achieve the same end. For example, when layering necklaces, you can mix and match gold and silver necklaces with the same chain link design. The only thing that really matters is that they complement each other at a minimum. Wildly different styles, even in the same color, can look out of place. 

4. Use a Mixed Piece

However, if you don’t want to load up with too much jewelry, you can include a piece that has both silver and gold in it. Then, it’s obvious that the silver and gold combo is planned – a craftsman literally fused the two together. A necklace or a watch that mixes silver and gold chains makes for an ideal centerpiece. A mixed metal piece also offers style intrigue as it isn’t one of the more popular options out there. If you want to push the style boundaries but tend to lean more towards classic stylings, a two-tone ring of sorts is a great middle ground. It’s also the quickest way to tie together a cohesive look of both gold and silver accessories.

5. Provide a Solid, Simple Backdrop

Wearing patterned clothing and mixing metals can descend into chaos. Look, if you really know what you’re doing, you can pull it off. However, for us mere mortals just trying to look our best, that can seem a bit Herculean. You’re more than welcome to try it out, of course.

However, wearing something simple allows you to control the clash of silver and gold and fit it into your style's rhythm. What’s an item of clothing that pairs elegant simplicity with a dramatic statement? Oh, hello wedding dress! Do you want a silver or gold bangle for your bridal bracelet? Both of them? Sure thing. You’ve got to say yes to the dress!

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6. Don’t Drive Yourself Too Crazy with Rules

When it comes to setting up silver with gold, not every belt buckle and tote braid has to fit into the grand matchmaking plan (unless it gives you quiet pleasure to line all of that up). And bottom line — if you like the way you look, go with that! Mixing silver and gold was a fashion faux pas for years until people abruptly realized that it wasn’t. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Accessorizing has some rules you may want to keep in mind, but if you’re happy with your look, you’re the one wearing it. That’s really all that you need to take into account.

Like wearing black and brown clothing pieces, there’s a right and wrong way to do it. If you know what you’re doing and intentionally wear gold and silver jewelry together (or black and brown clothing), you can pull off some really exciting looks that not everyone is going to be bold enough to try out.

And whether you choose silver bracelets or gold earrings or both, make sure you pick high-quality material. Skin that is irritated by a nickel allergy or turned green by cheap costume jewelry – those are pairings that you want to avoid. That’s why Modern Gents uses rhodium plating and offers a lifetime guarantee.

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