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All orders $200+ get a free gift!
Modern Gents Accessories: The Necklace Spotlight

What’s better than a beautiful, sparkling engagement ring?

A gorgeous necklace to go with it! We’re excited to not only be able to offer rings that exceed expectations, but earrings, bracelets, and necklaces as well. Our new Accessories Collection features five stunners that make the perfect gift for any occasion: 

The Lily

Woman wearing The Lily

Taking inspiration from halo ring settings, this dainty necklace displays a gorgeous simulated center diamond (1.25 carats) surrounded by a ring of smaller stones, all hanging from a delicate chain. The Lily pairs perfectly with any look - wedding dresses included.

Ring match: The Rose 💍 

The Harmony

Woman wearing The Harmony

This necklace was made to be shown off! A standout 2 carat teardrop simulated diamond is nestled within gorgeously intricate double infinity symbols. This makes The Harmony an excellent representation of newly intertwining lives and a commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Ring match: The Victoria 💍 

The Celine

Woman wearing The Celine

Like The Harmony, The Celine features double infinity symbols, though on The Celine these enclose a lovely half carat pear-shaped simulated diamond. This delicate stone and the minimalistic sparkle from the stone-encrusted infinity symbol make this necklace an understated beauty.

Ring match: The Daisy 💍

The Kali

Woman wearing The Kali

Diamond by the Yard necklaces have been growing in popularity, and we can see why! The Kali is a simple yet splendid necklace that offers each of the four stones placed on the dainty chain room to shine. To complete the perfect pair, add The Hana, a bracelet designed in the same Diamond by the Yard style as The Kali.

Ring match: Anything from the Petite Collection, but our favorites are The Layla and The Daisy. 💍

The Affinity

Woman wearing The Affinity

Behold, the classic symbol of love - a lock and key. Ever since love locks gained popularity, the two unassuming objects have taken on a powerful meaning to couples all over the world. The Affinity offers a subtle reminder of that special someone and life’s most precious exchange: one heart for another.

Ring match: The Promise or The Eternity 💍

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, planning an engagement, or just want to buy your girl a gift, Modern Gents is happy to offer a spot of sparkle that doesn’t break the bank. Take a look at the rest of our accessories to find something that shines as bright as she does.