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Maybe when the big moment came, everything else was right — but the engagement ring didn’t quite slide onto your finger the way you hoped it would. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your wedding band has felt a little too loose lately, and you’re worried that it might fall off.

So, does that mean you’re stuck with an ill-fitting ring for the rest of your life? Don’t despair! Several options are available for improving how your ring fits, especially if you ordered through Modern Gents.

Why Doesn’t My Ring Fit? (Hint: It Could Be Your Fingers!)

First, let’s talk about why your ring might not be a perfect fit. One common scenario: Your ring fit well before, but now it’s suddenly the wrong size. The most common cause of this? Your fingers have actually changed size!

Believe it or not, it’s normal for the circumference of a person’s fingers to fluctuate by a few fractions of an inch, and the causes can be as simple as eating a salty meal. This finger swelling rarely lasts more than a few days, so wait it out and see if your ring fits again in a few days. Other factors, such as weight loss or gain and even the time of year, can cause your fingers to swell too.

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Pregnancy is also known to cause swollen fingers, especially in the third trimester. Many people find alternatives to wearing their ring while pregnant, such as hanging the ring on a necklace chain or wearing a less restrictive silicone wedding ring. In addition, you can try techniques for reducing the swelling like drinking more water and sleeping on your left side. 

Options for Resizing When Your Ring Doesn’t Fit

On the other hand (so to speak), if a new ring doesn’t fit from the start, it might be the wrong size for your finger. Check our ring sizing chart if you’re in doubt. Fortunately, if the fit just isn’t right, you’ve still got plenty of options for getting a ring that fits your finger better. 

Get the Perfect Fit with Our Ring Size Chart

Option One: DIY Resizing

If the ring’s fit is only slightly off, you might be able to perform a DIY size adjustment. Silicone and plastic ring sizers are a popular way to instantly adjust the size of your ring. The concept is simple: a tiny sleeve or set of beads made from durable silicone, which usually attaches to the interior of your ring. Just slip them onto your ring according to their directions, and take them off again if necessary. 

Some people also resize their rings using a variety of household hacks like glue, wax, tape and who knows what else. Because they can have unpredictable effects on the structure and materials of your ring, these are strictly a use-at-your-own risk proposition. Using a purpose-built resizing product or having your ring resized by a jewelry pro is always a safer choice.

Option Two: Professional Resizing

You might also choose to have your ring resized by a professional. This might be a trusted local jewelry pro, or it might be the company you ordered the ring from. If you ordered your ring from Modern Gents, remember that we offer easy returns and exchanges (more on that below!)

Jewelers have different techniques for resizing rings. A ring that’s too big often just needs a simple set of sizing beads or spring insert installed to make the ring more snug on your finger. Rings that are too small must have their material reworked, making the process much more involved. (That’s why it’s smart to size a ring up rather than down if you’re not sure of the perfect size!) 

Some styles of ring, such as full eternity bands and rings made from very hard materials like tungsten, generally can’t be resized. Finally, if your ring is more than two sizes too large or too small, the resizing process can place the ring under too much stress. 

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Option Three: Return or Exchange Your Ring

Sometimes, there’s no easy way to get your ring to a size that fits. When you need a new ring, remember that Modern Gents also offers free returns within 30 days and free exchanges within 60! We’ll be happy to swap your ring for a different style or a different size, because we always want you to be in love with your ring the way you’re in love with your partner — for life!

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Everyone wants a wedding ring with the perfect fit, and that’s exactly what Modern Gents offers. Browse our whole lineup of affordable rings now, and remember that each one comes backed by our free resizing policy and satisfaction guarantee!