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The Ember

Featured: The Ember

Traditionally, wedding bands have often been made from metals like sterling silver and yellow gold. Here’s the thing about traditions, though: They can change! Today, Modern Gents offers plenty of non-metal wedding band options for anybody who wants to look beyond traditional precious metals.

What’s up with non-metal wedding bands, and why have they gotten increasingly popular? What kind of non-metal alternatives does Modern Gents offer for those who want a stylish ring without metal, or with non-traditional wedding ring metals? We’ve got all of your answers coming up!

Why Choose a Non-Metal Wedding Band?

Our customers choose non-metal wedding bands for a variety of reasons. Of course, you don’t need a reason to choose whatever ring you want! However, if any of the following sounds like you, a non-metal wedding band might be a perfect choice.

  • Metal Allergies: Allergic skin reactions to metal that cause itching and burning sensations are surprisingly common when wearing metal jewelry. This is especially common with jewelry that contains nickel, which is why you won’t find nickel in any Modern Gents ring! In many models, we use alternative metals, like tungsten carbide and titanium, which are considered hypoallergenic because they’re much less likely to cause allergic reactions.
  • Safety: Wearing a metal ring can be a safety hazard in certain jobs and activities. Everything from working with machinery to playing basketball can put you at risk of a hand injury when you’re wearing a metal ring. That’s why you’ll see a lot of folks with active lifestyles who wear silicone rings while working or at the gym. 
  • Aesthetics: Silver and gold just aren’t some people’s style! Plenty of people wear rings made from alternative materials simply because they like how they look — and we’re totally here for it. 

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Non-Metal Wedding Bands

The Stealth

1. The Stealth

Carbon fiber is one of the coolest materials on Earth. It’s in everything from race cars to advanced military tech — and now it’s in wedding rings, too! The Stealth is a sleek carbon fiber wedding band, available in a scratch resistant black matte finish that makes it different from anything else out there. Extremely tough and incredibly lightweight, it’s one of our most popular wedding rings with men (although we suspect that just about anyone who wants a badass ring could appreciate it). 

The Ultraflex

2. The Ultraflex

If you’re the type who gets your hands dirty, our silicone rings like the Ultraflex were made for you. This simple and stylish silicone band is a perfect stand-in for your wedding band when you’re operating machinery, working out or doing anything else that you’re worried might put your ring (and your fingers) at risk. It’s also a great choice for folks with metal allergies! Simple, comfortable and chic, the Ultraflex is a no-brainer when you need a flexible alternative. 

The Journey

3. The Journey

Here’s another silicone ring that dares to be different! The Journey brings all of the flexibility and ease of a silicone ring, but takes everything up one more notch with its awesome scale-like pattern. It’s built for working hard, playing hard, going on adventures and overall living your life for the Journey’s sake. 

Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

These wedding bands use alternative hypoallergenic base metals like tungsten and titanium. They’re also great for anyone who wants a different look for their wedding band — especially since a lot of them include amazing inlay materials like antler, wood and even meteorite shavings!

The Aloha

4. The Aloha

One of our most beloved men’s wood wedding bands is the Aloha, a majestic piece that brings a little bit of the island lifestyle home to you! The titanium band is built to stand up to just about anything, and the gorgeous polished sandalwood inlay creates an unmistakably refined look. 

The Marksman and The Belle

Featured: The Marksman and The Belle

5. The Marksman

The rugged power of tungsten, plus an inlay of genuine elk antler — really, what more could a guy want from a wedding band? If you’re looking for a ring that lets you carry the awe-inspiring power of nature on your hand, we’re pleased to announce that you’ve found it!

The Raptor

6. The Raptor

Here’s another stylish tungsten carbide ring model — with several million years’ worth of cool secrets sealed inside! The Raptor’s inlay includes genuine dinosaur bone and meteorite shavings, creating a ring that’s truly built for the long haul, as well as an amazing conversation piece. 

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