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Pregnancy Wedding Rings & Bands: Yes, They Are a Thing!

Wearing Rings While Pregnant is a #STRUGGLE

Oh, the joy and love that blooms from pregnancy 🤰🏽💕It is a magical time for both the expectant couple and their loved ones. With a baby on the way, a mom-to-be has to embrace a multitude of lifestyle changes: nutritionally, emotionally, and of course, the physical ones.

While most are well-prepared with elastic jeans and baggy tees, some women don’t consider swollen fingers and the complications that can arise from wearing their usual jewelry.

Here, we’re talking wedding rings, and getting them stuck on pregnancy fingers is an absolute real life #struggle. While some women elect to wear their ring on a necklace or essentially not at all, the trend of “pregnancy rings” has been on the rise and have allowed pregnant women to rock a wedding ring without risk of damaging their actual one or getting it painfully stuck on their swollen fingers!!

Expecting couple

So What Are Pregnancy Rings?

The concept of pregnancy wedding rings and bands revolves around purchasing a stand-in ring set (typically a size or two bigger than normal) to be able to wear throughout the later portions of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Ring
\preg·nan·cy ring\ 

A stand-in wedding ring that can be worn throughout pregnancy.

With traditional wedding rings being a pricier buy amidst all the baby shopping, opting for a cheaper ring for pregnancy is the most beneficial move 👶🏽 This is especially true for those moms-to-be that already have a wedding set that they can't fit into while pregnant and don't wan't to permanently resize their set.

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Pregnancy is Only Temporary

On a brighter note, it’s safe to say that if you’re pregnant, your fingers won’t stay swollen forever. But that’s just it: if the swelling is just temporary, why should your partner buy into an expensive temporary ring or band? The obvious answer: they shouldn’t! Sterling silver and the highest grade simulated diamonds (CZ) are not only similar looking alternatives, but they leave you all the money to spend on the little human’s outfits and other necessities! 😍

Sterling silver is insanely durable, while CZ stones shine bright and turn heads. It’s an ongoing puzzle why people opt for more expensive rings to begin with?! *Dramatic tone* Oh, if only there were an affordable solution to ridiculously expensive wedding and engagement rings?! ;) 

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So Why Buy a Pregnancy Ring?

Wearing a ring on a daily basis is a nice reminder that you are still connected and in love with your partner. If the idea of an affordable pregnancy wedding ring still leaves you hesitant, let’s tackle a few benefits.

Another physical change that can come forth from pregnancy is sensitive skin.

An article written on the pregnancy blog, BabyMed states:

“hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect how the body reacts to certain metals, including those used to make jewelry...While some women will have no skin change during pregnancy and find they are able to wear rings, earrings, and necklaces throughout fetal gestation, others may see changes in skin reaction as early as in the first few weeks of their pregnancy.”

To avoid the stress of sensitive skin flare ups, a momma-to-be can elect for a silicone ring. Made of premium medical grade silicone, they’re 100% hypoallergenic, not to mention stretchy and comfy!

Woman's left hand wearing silicone wedding band

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Still on the fence? 🤔

Consider the sentimental value behind your original wedding and engagement rings. Your partner may have spent quite a bit of cash on this undying symbol of love. The ring is beautiful, and regardless of its exact price, it represents an unconditional love between you and your partner. With its overall value being so high, to have to remove it for any long period of time, or risk damaging it by prolonged wear doesn’t seem very rational. By utilizing a pregnancy ring, momma can lessen these risks and keep her original ring safe.

Speaking of sentimental, a wonderful idea to get the most value out of your pregnancy ring, is to use it as scrapbook memorabilia once your baby is born (and your fingers go back to normal). The ring you wore during your pregnancy will be an excellent addition to the ultrasounds, hospital bracelet, and many more memories and keepsakes a pregnancy will bring 💓

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Looking for a Pregnancy Ring?

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📝 Post Author: Kryxiane R.