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The Bliss and The Hammer in Gold

Featured: The Bliss and The Hammer in Gold

A wedding ring’s finish is no small detail. It’s actually a pretty major part of the ring’s overall appearance and vibe! The right finish will accentuate the ring’s features and design — and perhaps even say a little bit about the wearer. 

Which types of ring finishes are available for your wedding or engagement ring? We’ll run down five of the top options from Modern Gents below. 

1. Polished Finish

A polished finish is the classic option that most people think of when they imagine a wedding or engagement ring. It’s a glossy and highly reflective finish that can’t help but draw attention! If you like to keep it traditional while rocking your style with confidence, a polished finish is a perfect choice for your ring. 

The Elena

Featured: The Elena 

Most engagement rings use a polished finish because it looks great when paired with the sparkle of stones. For a perfect example of how good this finish can look, take a look at the Elena, shown above, which rocks its big, beautiful solitaire stone over an attractive rhodium plated finish. Note that polished finishes do show scratches and dirt more easily than other finishes, so check out our ring care tips for easy ways to keep your ring looking amazing. 

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2. Satin Finish

Satin is a top finish choice for those who prefer a matte look on their wedding rings. To create a satin finish, jewelry artisans use a fine-grain metal brush wheel to grind a textured pattern onto the ring. The result: a style that keeps some of the shine of a polished ring but gives it a tastefully subtle vibe.

The Titan

Featured: The Titan

Many couples choose a satin finish for their wedding bands. Satin is much less prone to visible scratches than a polished finish, so it’s a good choice for any daily wear ring that might see some rough conditions from time to time. Oh, and don’t let the name fool you! As you’ll see from the popular men’s titanium wedding band we call the Titan (shown above), a satin finish with the right design can look anything but soft!

3. Brushed Finish

Looking for some texture and visual pop on your wedding ring? A brushed finish might be just the right look. Brushed finishes are made using a similar technique as satin finishes, but using a coarser grain on the wire brush for an even more distinctive look on the ring’s surface. Scratches and smudges are much harder to notice with a brushed finish, although we do still recommend a basic regular cleaning. 

The Excalibur

Featured: The Excalibur

The Excalibur, shown above, demonstrates the beauty of a brushed finish. This design packs a look that’s a little more rough-and-ready than your standard wedding band, but with a brilliant edge that still stands out in just the right way! It’s one of our favorite men’s tungsten wedding band designs, and the extreme durability of the Excalibur ensures it will be with you for many years to come. 

4. Hammered Finish

The hammered finish is a stylish choice for anybody who wants a truly unique and eye-catching ring. It’s made exactly how it sounds: by striking the ring dozens of times with a special type of hammer, which produces a beautiful dimpled effect that’s never exactly the same on any two rings. Like other textured styles, hammered finishes do an outstanding job of hiding scratches.

The Hammer

Featured: The Hammer

You might expect a ring called the Hammer to have a hammered finish, and you’d be right! The Hammer is another classic tungsten ring design from Modern Gents, this time using an exquisite hammered pattern that sets it apart from the crowd in any situation. Your biggest challenge will be to avoid staring at it all day as you watch the light dance on it. Trust us — it’s gorgeous!

5. Hybrid Finish

Sometimes, jewelry designers mix and match multiple finishes on the same ring to create a visually striking pattern. That’s exactly what you’ll see in the Valyrian, shown above: a combination of polished and textured finishes in a distinctive ripple design. Needless to say, this is the kind of ring that makes a statement wherever it goes!

The Valyrian

Featured: The Valyrian

Other types of hybrid finishes include options that use multiple colors to create high-contrast beauty. The Dragon Glass, for example, uses a satin finish on the main tungsten carbide body of the ring. In the center, you’ll find a high gloss iridescent band that offers the perfect counterpoint! 

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Modern Gents’ selection of affordable wedding and engagement rings includes a full array of finish options! See all of our wedding rings to choose the one for you — and remember that no matter what finish you choose, all of our rings come backed by a lifetime warranty.