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Save vs. Splurge: Wedding Edition

Weddings are expensive – that's a no brainer.

But what's not so obvious is what to splurge on and what areas you can save money. We're here to help! While each wedding is unique to the couple, here's some general advice on where your money should go!

Groom reading vows to bride

Save Your $: Open Bar

Splurge On: Tasty Bites

Alcohol is expensive, and while your guests would be thrilled to have open access to drinks all night long, your pocketbook sure won’t be. Instead of offering an open bar, serve wine and beer instead, plus a cocktail created just for your wedding that goes with the theme or captures the personality of you and your spouse. Plus, with limited access to alcohol, you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing incidents from anyone.

Instead, you can serve a feast to be remembered. The money you save on alcohol can go towards putting together either a large, elaborate meal, or you can get creative and serve small platters with a wide variety of different foods, such as sliders, sushi, kabobs, and so much more. Well-fed guests are happy guests.

Wedding food
The Bliss rose gold wedding set

Rings: The Bliss

Save Your $: Accessories

Splurge On: The Dress

Diamond earrings, necklaces full of gems, cascading tulle from an intricately woven veil...all of these wedding accessories will quickly add up. The veil in particular can get expensive, and the average you’ll pay is between $200 and $300. That’s a lot, particularly for a bride on a budget! Instead of going all-out for accessories that you’ll likely take off before the night is over, spend more on what you’ll remember for years to come—the dress.

Opportunities to wear a beautiful gown are unfortunately few in today’s day and age, so take full advantage of your wedding day and buy a dress that you’ll look back on fondly. After all, when you look at your wedding pictures for the next several decades, what do you think you’ll notice first? Your earrings, or how good you look in your dress?

Woman trying on wedding dress
The Scarlett and The Zoey

Rings: The Scarlett, The Zoey

Save Your $: Favors

Splurge On: A Photographer

Think back on all the weddings you’ve been to and see if you can remember the favors that were offered. Do you have any of them anymore? Wedding favors are a nice touch if you’re not on a tight budget, but they certainly don’t make the wedding. Instead of spending time and money putting together favors that some guests won’t take and others will forget they own within a month, splurge on something that will help create lasting memories.

Photos of your wedding day will be treasured for the rest of your life. The candid photos of you and your spouse celebrating, the organized shots with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and bits and pieces of the evening that you didn’t get to see on the night are so much more important than favors, so redirect that money to a talented photographer. Find someone who specializes in weddings, since they’ll understand the logistics and types of shots newlyweds want. You can even turn the photos into favors by sending guests pictures of themselves!

Wedding photographer
Woman's hand holding The Olivia and The Forever

Rings: The Olivia, The Forever

Save Your $: Ornate Decorations

Splurge On: Music

Just like favors are easily forgettable, so too are decorations. Creating an atmosphere is important, but that can be achieved with simple but elegant centerpieces and the right lighting. What’s more important for both the atmosphere and general enjoyment is the music. A great band or DJ can take your wedding from nice to sensational in a few short beats. After all, your guests don’t want to spend the evening staring at the decorations. They want to be on the dance floor! Give them something to groove to, and no one will even notice that the decor is minimalist. If you choose a venue that has its own natural charm or beauty, it’ll be even easier to go light on the decorations.

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The Rose wedding set

Ring: The Rose

Save Your $: Affordable Wedding Rings

Splurge On: The Honeymoon

Which would you rather have: expensive wedding rings, or your dream honeymoon? Vacations aren’t cheap, and your honeymoon is arguably the most important vacation you’ll ever take. It marks the start of your new life and gives you and your spouse time to revel in your new titles and the fact that you get to be with each other for the rest of your lives. The rings might be the symbols of that commitment, but that doesn’t mean they have to blow your entire budget. Overpriced wedding rings are being tossed aside in favor of the lasting memories created by the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is the honeymoon.

But don’t think that opting for affordable bands means you can’t get something beautiful! By choosing a wedding ring that’s made from less expensive materials and gems, you can find a ring that’s perfect for you, and perfect for your budget. Shop the full collection at Modern Gents here!

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The Evermore and The Titan rings

Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

When you’re deciding whether to save or splurge, you’re more often than not comparing things to experiences.

Which is going to matter more at the end of the day: the things you have, or the things you remember? The possessions, or the people? The answer should be clear!