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Shh! Where to Hide the Engagement Ring

First of all, congratulations for taking this huge step!

We know proposing is a nerve-wracking, exhilarating experience, and we’re here to offer all the help we can. Now that you have the ring, you’re probably wondering where to put it. After all, the whole point of surprising her with a proposal is the surprise part. If she finds the ring, she’ll know what’s going on. So, it’s time to pretend you’re a parent hiding Christmas presents from the kids and think of the places she’s least likely to come across the ring:

Store it With Out-of-Season Clothes

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore set

Rings: The Evermore set

There’s a good chance you’re storing clothes that don’t fit the current season. These might be in boxes or suitcases, but either way they’re out of sight, out of mind. Perfect! If it’s the middle of summer and there’s no way anyone will be accessing the winter coats anytime soon, hide the ring with them. This might not be the best idea if you’re on the cusp of a seasonal change, however.

Put it At a Trusted Friend or Family Member’s House

Woman's left hand wearing The I Do

Ring: The I Do

Having it in the house at all can be too risky, so if you feel like there aren’t any good hiding places, talk to a friend or family member. They’ll likely be more than happy to find a safe place for it in their home, but make sure you remind them that the whole proposal is a secret! If your proposal is a long way away, periodically check in and make sure the ring is in the same spot. You don’t want to be searching desperately for it the day before you propose!

Keep it Locked in a Drawer or Safe

Woman's left hand wearing The Belle and The Forever

Rings: The Belle, The Forever

This is a good idea if you’re a couple who values each other’s privacy. If you have a home office with lockable desk drawers or a safe, these are both good places to hide the ring. Make sure you’re the only one with the combination or key (which is a good practice in general). If you both have a key or the combination for safety reasons, another location would probably be a better idea.

Hide it With Your Tools

Woman's left hand wearing The Princess on ring finger

Ring: The Princess

...or anything else that’s used only by you. If you have a workshop or garage filled with tools and toolboxes, there’s definitely a place you can hide the ring, especially if your future fiancée leaves all the home improvement projects to you. Alternatively, any sort of collection you have that’s accessed only by you can offer hiding places.

Don’t worry, that heart-pounding feeling you have is perfectly normal!

Once you’ve stashed the ring, it’s time to plan out the proposal, take a few deep breaths, and remember that the nerves are all worth it. There’s nothing more precious than getting to spend the rest of your life with someone you love.

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Good luck! ✨


  • Andie

    I have asked before, but when are your design teams going to develop three stone rings / three-stone ring set options? Not everyone is into the halo or petite styles you carry. Thank you.