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Should You Have a Small or Big Wedding?

Wedding planning comes with some pretty tough decisions, but before you can even book a venue or start on the guest list, you have to make one vital decision: how big will your wedding be?

Will it be the party of the century, or an intimate family get together? This one simple choice will dictate many of your other decisions, so here are some reasons in favor of both options if you’re unsure:

Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

Rings: The Lovely, The Elite

Small Weddings

  • Budget: Clearly, a smaller wedding is the better option if you’re on a tight budget. More people means more food, tables and chairs, party favors, invitations, and a bigger venue. You can cut down on all of those costs simply by whittling your guest list down to close family and friends.
  • Intimacy: A smaller wedding means you’ll get to enjoy your special day with those who mean the most to you. You’ll get to say hi to all your guests, spend time with family, and make the traditional rounds fairly quickly. Not only does this create less of a burden for you, you’ll also find that your guests are a lot happier knowing they get to have one-on-one time with the bride and groom.
  • More Options: You know what you need when you have a big wedding? A big venue. A small wedding, on the other hand, opens up your options for locations. Even a backyard wedding wouldn’t be out of the question! You can also choose some upgrades with your vendors since you’ll be saving money. Of course, too many upgrades will result in little to no difference in spending between a small and large wedding, but a fancier catering meal here and some nicer decorations there won’t hurt.
Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

Rings: The Belle, The Aloha

Big Weddings

  • No Compromises: When you have a very large family and tons of friends, the guest list can turn into a nightmare. Unless, of course, you just decide to invite everyone! If you settle on a big wedding, you don’t have to make compromises and feel bad about leaving anyone out.
  • One Big Party: Are you a social butterfly? Do you want the dance floor at your wedding to be packed? Have you dreamt of a wedding that’s one big party celebrating you and your new spouse? Then a big wedding is what you need. Couples with a “the more the merrier” outlook will enjoy hosting a wedding for the ages.
  • One Wedding: You’re only going to have one wedding in your lifetime. At least, that’s the goal! Sure, you can have anniversary parties and renew your vows, but nothing will compare to the day when it all started: your wedding day. When you look at it from that perspective, it makes sense to celebrate in a big, bold way with a large wedding!
Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings in front of floral bouquet

Rings: The Titan, The Desire, The One and Only