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Should You Plan a Wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend?

November 09, 2018

Should You Plan a Wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend?

Choosing the right wedding weekend is essential.

The date will dictate the venue and vendors you will use, which guests come, the cost of the event, the weather, the photos, and so much more. For brides interested in a fall wedding, Thanksgiving weekend may be on your radar. But, is it a good idea?

Use this list of 5 pros and cons of a Thanksgiving wedding to help you decide!

Pros of a wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend

The Long Weekend

Most people get a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, so this extra time off work means both you and your guests won’t need to use your much-coveted vacation time on the wedding. The extra two days off of work before your wedding also mean you have plenty of time to organize those stressful last minute details.

Everyone’s Already in Town

A Thanksgiving weekend wedding can save people a lot of money and time when it comes to travel. If your family and friends are coming into town for the holiday anyway, then adding your wedding to their weekend plans will be cheap and simple to do as well.


Save Money With an Off-Peak Wedding

Thanksgiving weekend weddings aren’t very common because the date is outside of the high season. This can mean that you’ll not only get your pick of vendors because few of them are booked, but you can also snag some savings and discounts as well!

Cons of a wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend


Travel Costs Increase

Traveling around Thanksgiving is expensive, so for guests that need to come in from out of town, travel costs will be a burden. Plus, AAA reports that almost 51 million Americans traveled on Thanksgiving in 2017, so crowded airports and traffic delays can factor into their trip time as well. 

Expect a Reduced Guest List

Although a small guest list can save money, it’s also sad to see the “no’s” come in from friends and family that you love. However, many people have long-held traditions on Thanksgiving and simply won’t be able to make it to your wedding weekend as well. 

The Verdict

The ability to travel is the main concern, so for a mostly local guest list, a Thanksgiving wedding could definitely work. Every day of their year will come with its own pros and cons list as well, and it’s important to remember you can’t please everyone. 

If a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend is your dream, we say go for it! 🍗🌽💕💍

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