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Spotlight on The Stealth: A Pure Carbon Fiber Beauty

If only there was a modern men’s wedding band that was badass, yet elegantly so, and crafted from materials that can handle the perils of daily life while being light enough to wear without annoyance. Nothing so perfect existed - until now. Introducing The Stealth, a 100% pure carbon fiber men’s wedding band that is sleek, stylish, and available now - in limited quantities.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

Carbon fiber, also known as graphite fiber, is five times stronger than steel and twelve times lighter than gold. Thin filaments of carbon are twisted like yarn, then woven together to create a kind of carbon fiber “cloth.” This can then be molded into a wide variety of shapes - including rings! Serving as a testament to its quality, it is used in aerospace, automotive, and military industries.

Why is Carbon Fiber Ideal as a Ring?

Married couple wearing wedding rings

As we’ve mentioned, carbon fiber is extremely lightweight. For those who don’t like the feeling of a heavy ring or find it difficult to adjust to, wearing a ring that seems almost weightless is a huge advantage. Its strength is also remarkable - durable and highly scratch resistant, carbon fiber is the ideal material for those who work with their hands or tend to scuff up jewelry. It’s also hypoallergenic, so those with metal allergies can proudly show their commitment with no adverse effects. As a bonus, carbon fiber also possesses a high heat tolerance, making it suitable for those who work under conditions that don’t permit metal rings.

What makes The Stealth special is its truly unique design. Carbon fiber has an appearance all its own - the finish of metal with the weight of plastic, in a woven style like fabric. Its futuristic look makes it popular in high-tech cars and bikes, and is now available as a wedding band unlike any other. Whether you’re the adventurous type, an industry worker, military member, or just someone who wants their wedding band to last a lifetime, this symbol of dedication to your spouse is up to the task.

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Find out more about The Stealth here, but hurry! Since this model is made through an intricate process, once it’s sold out, it may not come back. 🔥