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The Perfect Halloween Costumes to Pair With Your Modern Gents Ring

October 26, 2018

The Perfect Halloween Costumes to Pair With Your Modern Gents Ring

Halloween is right around the corner and we’re so ready to celebrate. There’s nothing better than turning heads at a Halloween party and after years of experience, we know the secret: a great outfit is all about the accessories.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Discover the perfect Halloween costumes to pair with your Modern Gents ring for a simply stunning Halloween outfit!


The Happily Ever After

When it comes to gold, rings, and sparkly things, the first costume that comes to mind is also a classic: the princess! While a princess costume typically consists of a dress and crown, you can make your costume royally unique with a Modern Gents ring on your finger!

Wear The Ocean with a deep blue tanzanite center stone to dress as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. For Merida from Brave, The Lovely ring in rose gold with a 3 carat simulated morganite stone is a perfect choice. The Mermaid, with a dazzling opal center stone will compliment an Ariel costume, while the gorgeous Meadow ring with a dainty leaf pattern is exactly what Cinderella would wear.

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Modern Gents budget-friendly Halloween tip: sew your own tulle and ribbon skirt with this guide to complete your princess outfit without overspending.


Rings and Kings

Don’t worry men, we didn’t forget about you either. You’re sure to get noticed when you pair our stunning Modern Gents ring with your Halloween costume!

The Modern Gents black wedding ring collection boasts rings that are eye-catching at any time of the year, but they’re especially fitting on Halloween. With names like The Titan, Excalibur, Stealth, Dragon Glass, and the Inferno, we’re already feeling crazy inspired! Dress as a powerful Greek God with the Titan ring, or transform into a firefighter with the Inferno. Dragon Glass is perfect for a fantasy character costume, while Excalibur is truly fit for a king.

Modern Gents budget-friendly Halloween tip: rather than buy a brand new costume, piece together your outfit from thrift store finds. It will look more authentic and save you money as well!


Complete Your Halloween Outfit With a Modern Gents Ring!

If you’re already in the know about our affordable rings, use these tips to pair your engagement and wedding bands with your Halloween outfit this year. If you’re a first-time buyer, our wide range of accessories has something for everyone at prices that aren’t scary in the least.

Shop with us today to complete your Halloween look. Just be warned: you’ll love the pieces so much you just might keep wearing them all year long!

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