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The Pros and Cons of Eloping

Are you knee-deep in the planning waters and wishing you could just elope with your partner in crime?

With some people, forever can’t come soon enough. Instead of spending months planning for their big day, they’d rather forgo all the pomp and elope. Here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to elope. 


Pro #1: You’ll Save Money 

This is one of the most attractive aspects of a wedding for most people. The idea of saving hundreds, maybe even thousands is too good to pass up. An intimate wedding with a beautiful honeymoon is always going to be cheaper than a traditional wedding day.

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Pro #2: Less Planning for You 

Even the most organized brides can’t help but feel overwhelmed when planning their ceremony and reception. The fewer people that will attend, the less RSVP’s you need to send out, which equals less stress for you. While you will still have to plan a wedding, an elopement will be much simpler.

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Pro #3: The Sky Is The Limit For Your Ceremony 

When you decide to elope, you don’t have to worry about renting out a specific venue or location. Your wedding can happen at your home, a beautiful backyard, or even a mountainside! You can let your imagination take you away.

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Con #1: Limited Guest List

On the other hand, a limited guest list could dull the celebratory part of your wedding. While everyone doesn’t have to be invited, it would make for awkward situations when they find out they aren’t on the guest list. You’ll have to be okay with stepping on some toes to make your dream elopement come true.

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Con #2: Relatives May Be Hurt 

If you elope without informing your family, their feelings could get hurt. Every mom dreams of seeing her little girl walk down the aisle, and eloping without letting them know could affect their view of your spouse. The last thing you want to do is start on the wrong foot with your new family.

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Con #3: You’ll Miss Out On The Wedding Planning Process

Although the planning process can be stressful, you might miss out on the traditional aspects of it. Things like going cake tasting, picking your bridesmaids, or get ready with your wedding party. Think about the traditions that matter to you, and plan to include them in your elopement. Or, you may feel that you missed out on certain activities on your wedding day.

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Did you elope? If so, let us know why in the comments. What was your wedding day like?


  • Juliette Ramirez

    I haven’t eloped. But it has crossed my mind many times!! My take on it is that we’re around people all of the time, it’s hard to take a moment for ourselves. So I’m leaning toward wanting that special moment for ourselves and including our families in a very intimate dinner after the fact. But then yes, everyone else’s feelings come into play for me. So I’m at a crossroad

  • Julie Altergott

    My husband and I elpoed in 1992 it was more important for us to buy our first home together then to spend all that money it would have cost for a wedding, happily married and coming up on our 28th wedding anniversary Oct. 31st.