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The Pros and Cons of Engagement Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on your wedding day, this couldn’t be anymore true. 💍

There are thousands of emotional moments, sweet smiles, and crazy dance moves happening and you, as the bride (or groom) should not have to be in charge of snapping away. Step in: the wedding photographer. These are the people tasked with capturing these precious moments on your wedding day. With such a vital role in the wedding, a couple will . In the early stages of planning a wedding, a couple may begin to weigh the pros and cons of engagement photos. Many are on the fence about them. Learn the pros and cons of engagement photos to help you decide if they’re right for you! 

Pro: You can get to know your photographer.

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If you’re camera shy this is a pretty good reason to opt for the engagement photos. No one wants to feel uncomfortable on their wedding day, so getting to know your photographer ahead of time can definitely help. Most importantly, you can see if your personalities match well together. Additionally, your engagement photos will help you ensure that the photographer is right for you. If you’re happy with them, great! If not, you still have time to find another one for the big day.

Pro: Lasting memories are captured forever.

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How many really great photos do you have of you and your partner together? Probably only one or two come to mind. Engagement photos capture a more natural look and are focused solely on you, your partner, and your relationship without the wedding stresses of group photos or strict timelines. They are also practical because you can choose the ones you love the most to use as decor in the wedding on table settings, stationary, and more.

Con: The photos may not reflect who you are as a couple

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Posed in the middle of a sweltering hot desert? In the fanciest outfits in your closet strutting your stuff downtown? As vibrant and cinematic as engagement shoots can be, some couples may feel ingenuine about the usual production detail that goes into it. As “in love” as you may be, some may not desire to pose super PDA-like for minutes on end (especially in front of randoms). An alternative to this? A photoshoot in your own natural habitat. Roll scene: it’s a bright and sunny Sunday morning. You and your sweetheart are cuddled in bed with your golden retriever pup laughing at snaps from the night before. You get up to make breakfast together while dancing around your kitchen. This, and all of your normal activities can be followed by a trusted photographer and will create a more authentic and unique feel. 

Con: The costs can stretch your wedding budget.

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The biggest downside to engagement photos is the cost. If you’re already stretching your budget thin to make ends meet for the wedding, your engagement photos are something that can be cut without impacting the big day. If this is the case, don’t worry, You can still create your own DIY engagement shoot in any season by heading to a nearby park with a friend or setting up your phone on a tripod. Even if the quality isn’t professional, the laughter and memories behind that day will make the photos valuable!

When it comes to planning a wedding, sitting down to think over the pros and cons of engagement photos is often one of the first things on the to-do list. On the positive side, you can get to know your photographer better, see an example of their work, and capture lasting memories forever. On the negative side, weddings are expensive and sometimes the cost for engagement photos just doesn’t fit into the budget. There is no right or wrong answer, so weigh the pros and cons of engagement photos for yourself to determine if they’re right for you! 📸💕