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Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

Your wedding wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful vendors who help make it special. They’re not just hired help; they’re your partners and, by the end of it, they may also be your friends. And what do we do for friends without whom our big days wouldn’t be possible? We thank them, of course. Here are a few ways you can show your vendors your appreciation!

Send Them All the Business You Can

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A verbal thank you is nice, but you know what’s even better? More business. For most vendors, the vast majority of their business comes from referrals. Brides tell brides who tell brides, and soon that vendor has a loyal stream of customers, all because one person recommended them.

Give Them a Gift Along with a Thank You Note

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Handwritten thank you notes will never go out of style. They show that you took the time to personally express your gratitude, and all vendors will appreciate this show of thanks. Of course, they would also appreciate a token of that gratitude in the form of a gift, like a nice bottle of wine or gift card to a spa. If you got to know them, you might have an idea of exactly what kind of gift would appeal to them.

Write a Review/Call Them Out on Social Media

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After referrals, the lifeblood of any business are reviews. Give a public show of thanks on Google, Facebook, or another social media channel and give an in-depth description of what your vendor did for you. Talk about the quality of service, how they handled your requests, and if they went above and beyond in any way. Think about the kind of review you would look for as a potential customer, and write that. If you have many followers, you can also give them a quick shout-out.

Let Them Know During the Wedding That You Appreciate Them

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In addition to all of these ideas, don’t forget to personally thank them during your wedding. Yes, you’ll be incredibly busy playing host, dancing, and eating as much cake as you can get your hands on, but all it takes is a minute of your time to walk up to them and express how much you appreciate all their hard work. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and little gestures like this can go a long way.

A Bonus is Always Welcome

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It might be a little less personal, but a thank you in the form of a bonus or large tip won’t go unnoticed. This is a good option for vendors you might not have gotten to know very well, but who still did an excellent job. You can either include this as a cash bonus when you say thank you during the wedding, or you can send it along with a thank you note afterwards.

All the best parts of your wedding, from the flowers, to the cakes, to the food, wouldn’t be there without vendors. Running a business is hard work, but it’s worth it when that beautiful thank you note, thoughtful gift, or generous tip is presented by the grateful newlyweds.