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Tips For a Winter Wonderland Wedding

While spring and summer weddings are fun, winter weddings add an extra air of excitement to the day.

If you’re planning to have the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams, we’re here to help! Here are eight tips to have a winter wedding your guests will be talking about all year.

1. Let It Snow!

It’s not a true winter day without a little bit of snow, now is it? Some brides have let the snow rain down while they walk down the aisle or during their first dance. Not only does this gift your guests will the element of surprise, but it’ll make those special moments even more magical.

Bride and groom in snow

2. Shake Up The Menu

Add elements of coziness by filling your menu with warm, hearty meals. Instead of traditional cake for dessert, why not include some cupcakes with silver icing or have a hot chocolate bar? If you planned to have a candy table, baby blue and silver wrapped goodies will help you highlight the theme of the wedding.

Steak dinner

3. Dress Up Your Wedding Aisle

Your wedding aisle will leave the biggest impression on your guests, so don’t hold back during the decorating process. White tree branches, faux snow, and candles can give your aisle that warm and cozy ambiance while still maintaining the elegance of the day.

Snowy wedding aisle outside

4. Winter Lighting

Lighting can easily make or break the winter wonderland aesthetic of your day. If you want a cooler feel, spring for lighting in soft blues and purples to mimic a cold winter night. If you want your guests to feel like they’re spending a night by the fire, warmer lighting and candles will have the desired effect.

Dangling lights

5. Ice-Queen Inspired Dresses

In the winter season, sleeved dresses are all the rage. If you go with a sleeveless dress, you can drive the winter theme home with a dramatic veil or sweeping cape. You may even choose to accessorize with a fabric headband that makes you feel like the ice-queen you are. Take it a step further and go bold with an icy light blue dress. Not only will you look stunning, but your dress will be the talk of the town for months!

Bride in winter coat and wedding dress

6. Icy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

With all the ice-inspired decor, you can’t forget the most important piece - the one on your finger! Modern Gents has dozens of engagement rings and wedding bands that would be the final touch on your winter wonderland wedding. A ring that shines as much as your love will be sure to turn a few heads on your big day. Shop the full collection for you and your sweetheart here!

Marquise halo engagement ring and chevron wedding band

Ring: The Victoria, The Zoey

Oval halo engagement ring

Ring: The Queen

7. Shimmering Stationery

Let your guests know what kind of day they’ll be in for as soon as they get their invitation. A sheer, shimmering invitation imitates the beautiful blankets of fresh snow. To take it even further, you can attach accents of snowflakes and fake twigs.

Winter themed wedding invitation

8. Cozy Centerpieces

Beautiful centerpieces with white branches and simple flowers will tie your whole wedding together. Think about choosing wooden tables with a white runner topped with crystals and shimmering candles will have your guests feeling warm and cozy all night long.

Wedding cake and champagne