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Tips on Planning a Military Wedding

There’s no official protocol you have to follow when you’re planning a military wedding,

...but there are still differences that will make your wedding planning journey unique.

From incorporating military traditions to navigating the sometimes tricky waters of holding the ceremony on an installation, keep these things in mind and your wedding will be smooth sailing:

Talk to the Military Chaplain

Military couple

Ring: The Rose

Whether you’ll be using the services of the chaplain or not, you’ll want to coordinate with them if your wedding will take place on an installation. They can help you not just book the military chapel, they can also talk you through some potential restrictions or protocols specific to the chapel. If you’re looking for an expert on military weddings, the best you can find is the chaplain. You can even get vendor recommendations, since some vendors are more familiar with the specifics of military weddings than others.

Decide on Your Military Traditions

Military hat next to flowers

There are many traditions you can incorporate into your military wedding, and while you don’t have to do any of them, it can make the event even more special if you do. Some of these traditions include all members of the wedding party who are service members wearing their uniforms, having between six and eight service members form a saber arch for the bride and groom to walk through, and cutting the cake with a saber or sword.

Purchase Wedding Insurance

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This is a must when it comes to military weddings. The purpose of wedding insurance is to protect your investment if something happens or you have to change your plans, which is more likely to happen to military members than anyone else. Your life can change in an instant when you or your spouse are in the military. You’ll likely be able to find a policy that specifically addresses military-related situations such as deployment.

Make Arrangements for Non-Military Guests

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If your wedding will be on an installation, you’ll have to make arrangements for your non-military guests to ensure they don’t have any difficulty getting to you. This will mean talking with installation security and following whatever process they recommend. You’ll also have to do this for your vendors, which is why it can be helpful to choose a vendor who’s familiar with military weddings.

Plan Your Seating

Wedding seating chart

Your wedding will almost certainly include many fellow service members as guests. There is protocol as far as the seating arrangements go, and it works based on rank. The bride or groom’s commander will sit with the parents of the bride and groom. Any other service members will sit behind the commander according to rank (with higher ranking closer to the front).

Get wedding bands that fit you and your budget.

Military couple wearing wedding rings

Rings: The I Do, The Stealth

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