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Top 5 Anniversary Gifts Under $100 That She’ll Love

August 14, 2018

Top 5 Anniversary Gifts Under $100 That She’ll Love

If there’s one thing to know about marriage, it’s this - forget the anniversary, and you’ll be spending a year making up for it.

Plan ahead with these 5 thoughtful and romantic anniversary gifts under $100 that she's sure to love:



Jewelry is ALWAYS appropriate. Heart shaped necklaces, beautiful earrings, adorable bracelets - the list of possibilities is seemingly endless. Some people think that the gift of jewelry is inherently expensive, but you don’t have to go for diamonds and pearls to look like the husband of the year. Etsy has a multitude of unique options, and there are sites all over the place offering initialed or monogrammed pieces - an even sweeter option if she took your last name! And just because you’re already married, it doesn’t mean rings are off the table! Travel rings are a great option for adventurous couples who don’t want to take their expensive bands, and if you’re heading towards the baby-makes-three phase of your lives together, pregnancy rings are perfection

Take a look at the travel and pregnancy rings offered on our site.


A Class for Two

You’ve probably already learned a lot about life through marriage, but why not head back to the classroom for some traditional education? Cooking, dance, photography, crafting - there are an endless number of courses offered to adults that teach basic life skills and fun hobbies that will bring the two of you closer. The gift of time spent together - what’s more romantic than that?


Flower Subscription

Only slightly sweeter than couple’s classes, a flower subscription almost guarantees you no sleepless nights on the couch after a minor screw-up! (Just kidding - mostly). While flowers for special occasions are lovely, flowers just because show that you truly do care, and a subscription means you don’t have to worry about going to store after store looking for the perfect bouquet. There are several options out there, so do a little research to find out what delivery frequency and service is your best choice.


A “Where We’ve Been” Map

This one is for the wanderlusting couples. If your idea of a perfect date is exploring the winding streets of an old European town, or scaling a mountain thousands of miles from home, then you need the “Where We’ve Been” Map. Available on Etsy, these maps allow you to record your travels and keep track of what countries you’ve seen, and which ones you have yet to visit.


Wedding Day Reminder

A great way to celebrate your wedding day is to…celebrate your wedding day! If you’re stumped on how to incorporate the “traditional gift” based on your anniversary year (paper for year one, cotton for two, etc.), handcrafting a tribute to your special day is a great way to do so. For year one (paper), you could frame a photo of the two of you along with one of your invitations. Year five (wood) could be a carved sign for your home, or a personalized cutting board. Once you start to think about it creatively, there’s no end to what you can come up with! 


The most important thing to remember on your anniversary is not the gift, but the gesture. This woman has chosen to stick with you for the rest of her life, and while you should honor her every day no matter what, make sure that on such a special day you remember the commitment you made to each other, and reaffirm it with the greatest gift one human can give to another - love. ❤️

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