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More Dates Under $40: Yes, save that money!

Keeping the romance alive is integral to a fulfilling relationship. Looking for a fun and affordable date night? Look no further. Check out our list of 5 affordable date ideas under $40 below.

Netflix and Chill 🎥💏

Couple kissing

Seriously though; this idea is gold. Cuddle up with a big bowl of popcorn, that show you've been binge watching, and watch the sparks fly. Planning a cute date night with your significant other can be both cost-effective and fun!

Bowling or Mini Golf 🎳⛳️

Golf ball

Another fun and affordable date idea is a game or two of bowling or mini golf! This is an awesome way to bring out your competitive spirit, and you'll have cash left over for snacks or ice cream cones! Make your date even more fun by making a friendly wager: maybe the loser of the game does the dishes or laundry the next day! 

Pottery Painting 🍶🎨

Pottery mug

This idea is a blast. Head out to your local pottery shop and get creative! There are tons of cheap pottery pieces you can paint, and you and your love can create a matching set of dishes or coasters to cherish for years to come.

Thrift Shopping 🧥👛

Rack of clothes

Thrift shopping as a couple is a blast! Whether you're on the hunt for inexpensive home decor or something new for your wardrobe, hunting for treasures is a fun way to pass the time. We have even heard of couples who set a budget and buy silly outfits for each other that they then have to wear out in public on their date! This is an awesome way to have a ton of laughs and bond with your love. 

Get Involved in Your Community 🥂🌳

Group having a picnic

When looking for a fun night out, check your local newspaper! There are tons of events happening all around your city or town if you know where to look! Check out the shows going on at your local community theatre, what's on display at the art gallery down the street, or the band playing in the coffee shop downtown. You'll be sure to find something unique and exciting!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great time with the love of your life! Save your pennies and enjoy branching out for those weekly date nights. Who knows; you just may find your new favorite pastime!