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Engagement rings that feature a halo shape are both chic and beautiful. Halo engagement rings feature a larger, usually round diamond or stone in the middle surrounded by a “halo” of smaller stones. If you have an engagement ring that features a halo style, you might be wondering what type of wedding band to pair with it. The good news is that you have a few different options! Here are four different types of wedding bands that pair well with halo rings. 

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1. Guarded Band

A guarded wedding band, also referred to as a ring guard, is like a safety enclosure for your halo ring. Though it encompasses both sides of your ring, it is made up of only one single piece. This type of wedding band allows your halo ring to slide in through the middle opening between the two curved sides, making for an elevated look and a great fit. Keep in mind that some halo rings are sold with their guarded band in order to ensure a perfect fit. If you buy the guarded band separately, it may require a bit of tweaking to get the fit just right. Some halo rings are even attached to their guarded bands permanently for added comfort and ease. Perhaps the most important feature of a guarded band is that it adds shine and sparkle to your ring finger, enhancing your halo ring. 

2. Contoured Band 

This style of band is great for those who wish to achieve a cohesive and fitted look for their halo ring without adding a third band into the mix. A contoured or curved wedding band works well for almost any rounded shape, including circular, oval and pear-shaped engagement rings. Much like guarded bands, curved or contoured wedding bands can include diamond additions to add another layer of sparkle surrounding the halo rim of your engagement ring. On the other hand, these wedding bands look great with more understated materials like a classic sterling silver or gold that matches the band of your engagement ring. With a contoured band, you are able to add as much or as little as you like. If you’re looking for the perfect contoured band to complement your engagement ring, check out our curved band ring, The Zoey!

halo engagement ring and eternity band

3. Straight Band 

If your goal is to keep things classic and traditional, you might consider opting for a straight wedding band. This timeless look is loved by many and will never go out of style. Plus, there are a ton of options when it comes to choosing one of these classic and affordable wedding rings. One thing to keep in mind when considering a straight wedding band is that not all versions of halo engagement rings fit snugly with this type of band. If your halo ring is suspended above the ring itself, it’s usually easier and better fitting to slide the straight band underneath the top of the halo for a good fit. If your halo ring is fully connected to the base on both sides, you will not be able to slide it underneath. In this case, you might consider a “slip under” wedding band, which gives the illusion of a full straight ring without any clunkiness. 

4. Notched Band 

Similar to a curved or contoured band, a notched band follows the shape of the halo within the engagement ring. However, a notched band usually has a more rigid, precise shape to the contour. Notched wedding bands and halo rings, when paired thoughtfully and correctly, fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Because notched wedding bands are made to fit with the halo ring to an exact degree, they work very well with halo rings featuring a square or rectangular shape. The preciseness of this particular band shape minimizes movement or shifting between the band and the other ring. For this reason, notched bands are commonly made to fit certain rings and sold together or custom made to fit the engagement ring later. 

closeup of diamond ring on hand

It’s important to consider your wedding band options with any version of a halo engagement ring. The best part is that shopping for a wedding band can be a fun activity for you and your partner to explore as a couple. Remember to choose a wedding band style that rings true to your personal style and accentuates your beautiful halo ring! 

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