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a woman wearing a halo wedding band set

When it comes to radiance, halos take a complementary approach. A halo forms around the sun when millions of atmospheric ice crystals refract the celestial light into a glorious nimbus. For the halo of an engagement ring, smaller gems encircling a central stone refract its sparkle into a greater brilliance. But if halos are the hype man for glorious objects, who will be the hype man for the halo? Glad you asked, since guiding you to ideal jewelry pairings is what we do!  

The halo of the ring isn’t the only shiny complementary circle on your finger. During the exchange of vows, a wedding band often joins the engagement ring that was given as part of the proposal. Like the ring that slides onto the groom’s finger, wedding bands for women can be worn by themselves. However they usually function as part of a bridal set that vaults the engagement ring to the dazzling height of its full potential. Here are 5 wedding bands that bring out the best in halo rings.

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Romancing the Stone

Occasionally the shape of the gemstone featured in the halo will dictate the style of the wedding band. For the pear shape of our beautiful Bliss ring, we recommend something like the chevron of the Zoey. When you are shopping for a good match, make sure to determine whether the halo is suspended or supported; if it is suspended, the wedding band might slide underneath the halo and fit snugly against the engagement ring. Otherwise, the metal supports will keep the two apart. 

a woman wearing the grace paired with the forever ring

The ‘Grace’ paired with The ‘Forever’

A Complementary Twist

In addition to the shape of the engagement centerstone, the flow of the engagement ring itself can give the wedding band its cue. An example of a halo cut ring and a wedding band working together in concert is the partnership of our Grace engagement ring and our Forever wedding band. Both wrap around the finger in a delicate twist, each reinforcing the other. It’s like your finger is riding a rollercoaster with tiara DNA.

The Simple Touch

Sometimes the best fit for the showy splendor of a halo engagement ring is elegant simplicity in a wedding band. As you complete the bridal set, remember that you are looking for a companion piece, not a competitor. The Always name is a tip of the hat to the lifelong commitment of wedding vows, but its simplicity allows it to always adapt to its engagement ring counterpart. 

An Eternity of Color

If you went a less traditional route and chose a colorful gemstone as the centerpiece halo, you can provide more traditional support with an eternity band. The steady sparkle of the stones glimmering around the band will simultaneously ground and enhance the daring brilliance of the gemstone. And if you want to occasionally adopt a more subdued look, an eternity band can handle solo duty.

Stunning Stacks

Eternity bands represent worthy standalone material, but they are also perfect stacking components. Why give the halo engagement ring a single friend when you can buttress its dazzle with a pair and provide yourself with a host of mix and match options? If you are planning on stacking and unstacking your bridal set, go with a slightly slimmer band like The Desire that can slip easily into any combination.

How to Stack Your Rings the Right Way

the queen halo ring

The ‘Queen’ Halo Engagement Ring

We’ve mentioned several wedding bands that complement an engagement ring’s halo, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the band of the engagement ring itself. If the halo doubles down on sparkle, the band of the engagement ring can be a multiplier of glory. The Queen goes beyond doubling down, with triple channel rows of stones. 

Some brides take the match between the wedding band and the engagement ring so seriously that they solder the two together, but the two are usually kept separate for greater flexibility. Whatever approach you take to pairing a wedding band to your halo engagement ring, make sure it is the one that best highlights your own radiance and celebrates the complementary relationship you are building with your spouse.

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