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a female nurse putting on gloves


As a nurse, it’s your job to keep people safe. That means it’s your jewelry’s job too. So while the elevated setting on that engagement ring is ideal for broadcasting the sparkle, it’s less desirable in terms of grazing a suture. And the intricate designs lose a little of their intrigue when you have to make sure you’ve cleaned the bio waste out of the filigree.  

Finally, those rings have to slide off during surgery prep anyway; it’s not uncommon to look around the OR and see wedding jewelry dangling from drawstrings, attached to nametags, or safety-pinned to scrubs. Not exactly the most secure arrangement. Even with all these challenges, here are 3 affordable options for wedding bands for nurses.

Ring Qualifications

In order to pass muster in the rigorous hospital environment, a nurse’s wedding band has to run a gauntlet. It can’t be easily damaged, but it must be easily cleaned, so that you don’t carry a superbug back to the one you love. A few years ago a study of the jewelry from the nursing staff at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano found a troublingly high percentage of harmful bacteria in jeweled rings — almost twenty percent. Even if your facility permits wearing rings under gloves, you have to deal with puncturing and snagging the latex, so the ring can’t be too obtrusive. It can’t get in the way and must be easily removed, but it can’t cause a distraction by sliding off too easily or requiring you to track where you last put it. 

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a woman holding four different minimalist engagement rings

Minimalist Rings

Even before the pandemic, minimalist weddings were trending. Extend that same attitude toward all your jewelry and aim for elegant simplicity. Go for something sleek like the Always

Made from premium 925 silver and plated with rhodium, it won’t irritate the skin or cave to the elements. It’s an unimpeachable piece of craftsmanship that comes with a lifetime guarantee and an unmistakable reminder of those marriage vows. And its affordability means that the ping of your wedding band hitting the operating room floor is that much less of a distraction when vital organs are on the line.

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Silicone Rings

These flexible, durable wedding bands check just about every box for medical professionals, which is why silicone wedding bands are increasingly common in hospitals across the country, along with athletic facilities, sculpture studios, etc. They are durable, flexible and exceptionally smooth, which means that they are easy to remove and clean — no crevices for that germ-laden grime to lurk in — but they’ve got a good grip and don’t suffer from cleaning. 

They are incredibly affordable, which means that they can easily be replaced. They also alternate well with more traditional jewelry or even other silicone bands if you’d like to wear a teal band on Monday and a white one on Wednesday.

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Multiple Rings

Diagnosis and treatment is all about being adaptable to changing circumstances, so if the utter minimalist approach works for you sometimes but not always, we’ve got some suggestions for you. 

Consider the multiple approach. If you are just coming off a shift where you had to do thirty urgent jobs at once, this should be a piece of cake. The multiple approach might mean having a simpler ring, like the Always or a silicone, or wearing more than one band at a time that can collectively add up to considerable sparkle without compromising an IV bag. So check out our strategic assortment of interchangeable rings, as well as our collection of stackable wedding bands.

a woman putting on a pink silicone ring

Practical Rings for the Win

Nurses know a thing or two about commitment. The grueling schedules of medical professionals require a lot of self-sacrifice, but wedding jewelry doesn’t have to be one of them, so long as you make smart choices and provide attentive care. It just so happens that’s what nurses do for a living. 

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