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Wedding Ring Trends for 2019

New Year means new trends! While wedding rings and bands tend to have a timeless appeal, styles do come and go yearly as new generations begin to hear wedding bells and old fashioned traditions fall out of favor. This year, a few standout engagement ring styles and trends are already making themselves known. To help you find the perfect ring, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular engagement ring styles for 2019.

Simulated Lab-grown Diamonds

Woman's left hand wearing The Star Light set on ring finger

We’ve already written about why diamonds are overrated, and it looks like the rest of the world is catching on! Thanks to the fact that they’re eco-friendly, budget friendly, and just as beautiful as natural ones, simulated lab-grown diamonds are taking over the ring industry. Couples are realizing that it’s far better to start a future together on solid financial footing, which means overpriced rings are out!

Rose Gold

Woman's left hand wearing The Bliss on ring finger

It’s a fact - everyone loves rose gold, and if you are a fan of vintage-inspired rings, this will be the perfect style for you. While it has already been trending in fashion jewelry for some time, it’s just starting to gain ground in wedding ring settings. The soft, feminine shade adds a touch of romanticism to any stone it’s paired with. Brides who are bored with traditional white gold will appreciate the increasing availability of alternative colors.

You can find our selection of rose gold rings here.

Colored Stones

Woman's right hand wearing The Lovely on middle finger

If you’re not a fan of diamonds, simulated or otherwise, you’ll be happy to hear that colorful alternative stones are rising in popularity. Picture a gorgeous morganite stone in a rose gold setting, or a stunning sapphire shade surrounded by a cluster of smaller stones. Who says your wedding ring has to be like everyone else’s? Rings are becoming as unique as the people who wear them. If you are looking to stray away from the traditional diamond engagement ring, consider shopping our collection of colored stones.

Some of our rings featuring alternative stones are The Lovely and The Opal Halo.

Halo Setting

The Rose engagement ring

Because your beloved is more akin to an angel, she deserves a halo - ring setting, that is. This gorgeous style is characterized by a lovely center stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller ones. It’s a timeless classic that is getting its day (or year) in the spotlight once more. The halo design can be done with cushion, square, oval diamonds, or really any other stone shape you please.

Take a look at just a few halo rings we offer: The Rose, The Queen, and The Belle

Pear Cut

Woman holding coffee wearing The Bliss on left ring finger

For a touch of delicate vintage glam, look no further than the pear-shaped diamonds cut (also known as teardrop). These vintage-inspired rings are beautiful, elegant, and unique - exactly what a bride deserves. This cut gives the illusion of a bigger stone and packs a greater wow factor. It’s a stunning ring for brides who want to be noticed - and who should be!

The Bliss displays a perfect pear cut, and is available in a traditional sterling silver setting, or rose gold.

This year’s wedding ring trends are all about mixing the old with the new, and coming up with something entirely unique for the future. What better metaphor is there for marriage? 💍

There's not a single "perfect ring" for everyone. Every bride has a unique personality and style, which means their ring should be a reflection of who they really are. With so many diamond shapes, cuts, setting options, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to select that final one. Hopefully with the help of this article, you now have a better idea of the perfect ladies ring for your future bride-to-be.