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A wedding ring represents an unalterable commitment, but that doesn’t mean the ring itself can’t alter over time. Your love remains steadfast, but other changes in your life — from finger size to financial flexibility — might have you mulling over a jewelry upgrade. Maybe the proposal set you up with a family heirloom that you hope to adapt to your own personal style. Perhaps you knew you didn’t want to wait on your forever ring before you moved forward with your forever partner. 

Now that you are out of your starter home and on your third set of cookware, however, you feel more comfortable slipping into a new piece of jewelry. Not only can wedding ring sets evolve with your relationship, but they can celebrate your milestones as you further invest in the symbol of your marriage.

Even if you opted for something classic up front like a classic yellow gold solitaire ring, tastes do change. Does that ring still look good? Of course it does! Even so, maybe you want to try out something different from your original engagement ring. Maybe you’re eyeing a rose gold ring for a fun pop of color. Maybe you have a daughter getting married and you want her to have your ring for the sentimental value of it. Of course, you don’t have to completely switch out your old ring for a new design. There are some other options.

Add a Second Wedding Band

The most routine post-wedding addition to wedding jewelry is likely the second wedding band, which slides neatly on the other side of the engagement ring. Some couples wait for milestone anniversaries like the 10-year mark. Other brides make the call as soon as they decide that they’ve enjoyed the first wedding band well enough to double down on a second one. The two wedding bands can also be worn as a ring stack without the engagement ring for a simpler jewelry option that still has plenty of shine. 

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If you know that you are going to be rocking stacked wedding rings quite a bit, you can pick a second wedding band that zigs where the first band zags. Or you can opt for the balanced symmetry of a matching pair.

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Make a More Practical Choice 

But sometimes even a stack of wedding bands doesn’t suit professional or recreational activities. If you work in a hospital that mandates regular ring removal and cleaning, then you might want to consider a sleeker, more replaceable option to wear on the job. A silicone wedding ring would be the perfect option in this case! This automatically bumps the original ring up to first class, where it can stay fresh and sparkling for special occasions. 

Maybe you realized you have a slight nickel allergy that is aggravated by the heirloom ring and, while you will obviously continue to wear that priceless bit of family history around the in-laws, you need hypoallergenic jewelry for daily use. 

Maybe you loved the prong setting when it was new and exciting, but now that it’s been your current engagement ring for years, you realize that the setting just doesn’t fit your changing life. If that happens, no worries. You can definitely go full engagement ring upgrade, even if it’s been a few years since your engagement. 

Engrave the Band

If a phrase from your wedding vows has only become more true over the years, consider further customizing your ring by engraving it. Do you know your partner’s favorite gas station snacks and all of their childhood vacation spots, but can’t remember your own anniversary? Sounds like you might want to write that down on something you literally keep close at hand. Just remember that the band width should clear the 2mm engraving threshold, with 3mm thickness being ideal. Otherwise, it looks a little less like an engraving and more like fine print.

Modify the Existing Ring

To celebrate those years of heavenly bliss, add a halo around the center stone, or replace the center stone itself. Change the setting while you are at it! A new stone can breathe life into an old ring, especially if the band itself fits you perfectly.

If you have only grown more attached to the gemstone anchoring your vintage ring, but the band itself is irritating your skin, you can have the band replated with rhodium or replaced altogether. 

If you want something a bit more subtle, consider adding some side stones as enhancers. They can add just a little more character to the ring without having to do any major ring surgery to swap out center stones or bands.

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Get an Entirely New Ring

Tastes change. Maybe it's time for a trade in. It might be that you weren’t sure exactly what you wanted at the time of the engagement (in terms of jewelry — the marriage is working out exceedingly well, thank you very much). Maybe you were pressured into a passing trend, or maybe you didn’t want to take a chance on something quirky or extravagant in the midst of all the other wedding expenses, but now you want something of a higher quality. Well, now you do have that chance. 

You can keep your original ring as a spare or repurpose it as a necklace pendant. Hand it down, even if it’s still in good condition but just no longer your style. That’s why Modern Gents creates beautiful rings at affordable prices, so you can easily upgrade to a brand new ring without having to worry about an expensive price tag!

An Upgrade That Has a Nice Ring to It

Whether your wedding ring upgrade is the result of immediate dissatisfaction with your initial wedding jewelry selection or the unfolding of an anniversary plan decades in the making, don’t hesitate to draw on your experience. Don’t accidentally downgrade your ring because you haven’t bothered to think through your preferences or explore your options in greater detail than the first time around. You’ve been together for years at this point. What’s the harm in taking a few extra weeks to make sure your new ring (or upgrade of your current ring) is to your exact specifications? If you want to have this new version for years as well, you ought to be choosy about it. Who’s gonna stop you?

And make sure that your partner is involved in the decision. Of course, you want to both be on the same page about the upgrade, so no feelings get hurt. Before you replace the ring they gave you (or that you gave them), have a sense for how they will interpret the symbolism of the gesture!

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