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If you have ever asked yourself, “What do promise rings look like?” you are not alone. Aside from understanding the meaning of a promise ring, questions regarding the appearance of such a ring are perhaps the most common. This is likely a result of the confusion surrounding what the ring represents, but regardless, it is a valid question. 

In fact, many don’t know the difference between a promise ring vs. an engagement ring. We are here to sort things out fo you. If you are wondering,  “What is a promise ring and how does it differ from a wedding ring?” we can help.  As a general rule of thumb, promise rings by nature are relatively adaptable to the individual wearing them, both in meaning and design. 

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Though each person who chooses to wear or give a promise ring can select the motifs that exactly match their unique style, some design elements that are more common than others. These ring designs normally differentiate a promise ring from a wedding ring. Here are some of the most popular styles currently available.

  • Infinity Knots:  The interwoven knots resembling an infinity symbol or bow are meant to represent endless love and fidelity. As a result, this design is perfect for promise rings intended to signify a pre-engagement or long-term commitment to one another. 

  • Hearts:  Typically consisting of a plain band with a heart at the centerpiece, these rings are quite literal in their design. Although they most often are made only from precious metals, some designs will incorporate diamonds or other gemstones.

  • Plain Bands:  The simplest of the styles, a plain band will have no ornamentation or extra design elements. The understated and elegant appearance of the ring is popular for men’s promise rings.

  • Engravings:  These rings will often have embellishments carved into the ring. This could consist of a specific pattern on the exterior of the ring or something on the interior of the band such as a partner’s name or an inscription. Some engravings may also be done on other styles of rings to increase the personalization and make it even more valuable to the individual wearer. 

  • Interlocking:  Specifically designed to fit together when placed next to each other, interlocking rings come in a set with one worn by each partner. The message is meant to convey that each partner is part of a larger whole. 

  • Gemstones:  Though diamonds are typically reserved for engagement rings (though using them in a promise ring is not out of the question), other colored gemstones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for promise rings. This adds more individuality to the ring and creates a statement-making piece of jewelry that can be worn even if it is eventually replaced by an engagement ring. 

  • Claddagh Rings: The Claddagh ring is a piece of jewelry hailing from the Irish tradition. The unique and notable design consists of two hands holding a heart upon which rests a crown. The hands are meant to symbolize friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is loyalty. Previously, the custom had been to use them as engagement and wedding rings worn by both genders. However, the rings can now signal an individual’s relationship status depending on the orientation and placement of the ring on the wearer’s hand. 

Do Promise Rings Look Like Engagement Rings?

When considering what promise rings look like, it is commonly questioned how their appearance is different from that of an engagement ring. In truth, the two types of rings can be fairly similar in design and style. However, there are two common distinctions that can help differentiate between them. 

First, promise rings usually have far less elaborate designs and features than an engagement ring. Given that promise rings are often replaced by engagement rings at a later time, many do not want to spend a lot of money on the initial ring. Which brings us to our second key difference - promise rings rarely feature diamonds. A diamond ring is so closely associated with engagement that many who only desire a symbol of their commitment without an intention to marry choose not to use diamonds on their promise ring which might otherwise be mistaken as an engagement ring. 

So, what do promise rings look like? The answer lies with the individual wearing it. Since promise rings can have so many different meanings, it follows that their designs should be just as unique. Don’t know where to buy a promise ring?  If you are ready to purchase a promise ring, consider Modern Gent Trading Co. All of our products are created using the highest-quality materials and come back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with hassle-free returns so you can be sure that you will find the perfect promise ring for you or your partner.