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A bridal set is the pair of rings that a bride gets: engagement and wedding. Bridal ring sets allow you to check off some of the big-ticket items of wedding planning at the same time. While not every bride chooses to get her engagement and wedding ring at the same time, there can be a lot of simplicity in going this route.

Do I Need a Bridal Set?

In short, no. You don’t need a bridal set. However, if you plan to get both an engagement and wedding ring, opting for a bridal ring set can be a convenient way to check both of these off your list and have them match.

Who Should Get a Bridal Set?

If you like the idea of transitioning from one ring to another on your wedding day, a bridal set can be helpful. While you can, of course, buy the two separately, bridal ring sets can save you money and hassle. If you plan to go the stackable wedding bands route and wear your engagement and wedding ring on the same hand, bridal sets are a great way to get that look.

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Can I Wear Both Pieces of the Bridal Set at Once?

Absolutely! However, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Many brides who wear their engagement ring on their wedding day wear the engagement ring on their right hand and the wedding ring on their left.

If you plan to stack the two, you can then transfer the engagement ring back to your left hand after putting on the wedding ring. Though you can wear them in whatever order you like, technically, the correct way is to put the wedding ring on and then the engagement ring over the top of it. If you really like the look of the engagement ring and then the wedding ring, of course, no one will stop you (we promise). 

Okay, But What Do I Do with the Engagement Ring After My Wedding?

Throw it out; it’s useless. Kidding, please do not do that. We’re begging you not to do that.

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Featured: The Evermore in Gold

There are a number of things you can do with your engagement ring. First, you could continue to wear it on the same finger as your wedding ring. If you’re going this route, another option is to have the two welded together to create a custom band. Bridal sets are meant to fit snugly together, so you don’t need to weld them if you don’t want to.

Another popular choice is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand. Throw a ring on each hand and call it good.

If you don’t want to wear your engagement ring after your wedding day, that’s fine. You can keep it in a safe and maybe bring it out on formal occasions to dial your accessories up to 11. You’re more than free to just keep that bad boy in a safe forever, but that just seems like a bit of a waste.

I Just Know I Won’t End Up Wearing It

If you’re sure you’re never going to wear your engagement ring after your wedding day, you could always just go the one ring route. Whether you want to save money or just know you’ll only be wearing your wedding ring from here on out, it’s a good option. Why spend the extra money when you could save it and put it toward an even nicer ring that serves a dual purpose? 

If you like the idea of matching engagement and wedding rings, though, going for a set may be a great way for you to get the look you love and save some money in the process!

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