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a woman wearing the aurora ring in rose gold

Featured: The Aurora - Rose Gold

Every ring makes a statement, but a statement ring is not just any old ring. Just like statement necklaces or statement earrings, statement rings are unique, attention-grabbing pieces that boldly express the owner’s personality. What sets rings apart from other statement jewelry is that they are often already sending an important message out to the rest of the world to begin with.

Unless you count crowns — and, let’s be honest, crowns are rarely worn out and about — rings are a special category of declarative jewelry. So we thought we’d put together a short statement ring guide, just to keep wires from getting crossed.

Is a Statement Ring a Recent Trend?

No. As long as humans have been bending things into circles, they’ve been wearing dramatic rings as fashion statements and status symbols. In the case of an ancient amethyst number Israeli archaeologists excavated from a Byzantine winery, they might have also been hoping to strut their way out of a hangover.

Can a Statement Ring Be an Engagement Ring?

Yep. It’s called a statement engagement ring, to differentiate it from a statement fashion ring, which can also be called a cocktail ring. An engagement ring already signals a change in status. A statement engagement ring is the kind of eye-catching nugget that you can still pick out of a photo even if the newly affianced gal isn’t holding up her hand and pointing to her hand in the classic “Of course I said yes!” pose.

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a woman wearing the starlight and the zoey rings

Featured: The Starlight and The Zoey

Does a Statement Ring Have to Be Expensive?

In earlier eras, statement rings were all about flaunting wealth. If that is the message you want to deliver, there are still plenty of rings that will get the notion across. But today’s statement rings (and engagement rings, for that matter) are more often about personalized expression. This means, just as there are plenty of affordable engagement rings, there are plenty of options for statement rings as well.

Does a Statement Ring Just Mean Big and Flashy?

Statement rings often are big and flashy! That’s one way to gain attention, with the kind of ring that fills a zoom frame when you scratch your ear. But another way to make a bold statement is by using alternative materials or unusual shapes and colors. Capture a few glances with the unexpected texture of wooden rings. Add intrigue with a family crest or a personalized engraving, such as something with a family crest. Deploy a dramatically red gem in a pear- or oval-shaped setting, the kind that maximizes the surface area of the stone. 

a woman wearing the zoey and the queen rings

Featured: The Zoey and The Queen 

Is the Statement Ring a Permanent Feature?

It doesn’t have to be. If you are comfortable operating at that level, go for it. If you’ve found something that expresses your personality, you don’t have to take it off and turn it off. But if you want to exercise some control, there’s a whole bag of tricks available. 

Sometimes a statement ring is going to make waves no matter what. But sometimes it’s a matter of context. Sometimes other jewelry can move into an ensemble rather than a solo act. Play around with stackable wedding bands — that’s a very trendy way to take control of your jewelry’s drama dial.  

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There isn’t a rigid set of parameters for what makes a statement ring or a panel of judges that provides some kind of declaration certification. But trust us. You’ll know it when it speaks to you.