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For many people, accepting a marriage proposal effectively means accepting the commitment to wearing a ring for the rest of your life. Indeed, it’s customary to rock your rock twenty-four/seven when you work, sleep and play. But is wearing your engagement ring at all times practical? Actually, there are many times you should leave your ring at home, whether for safety or comfort or to prevent it from getting damaged. Here are a few of the times you should go bare-fingered.

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1. When You Work Out – Chances are, your ring is made out of some form of metal, and metal is corrosive when exposed to human sweat. Although serious damage isn’t likely, excessive exposure to sweat over time could cause your ring to break down, so it’s better to leave it in the safe or your locker.

2. When Working with Heavy Machinery – Did you know there are serious regulations against wearing metal rings in certain workplaces? That’s because they can get caught on heavy machinery or interact with electrical currents. Make sure to always either wear no jewelry at all or wear a silicone ring when working with heavy machinery or electricity.

3. When You Go Swimming or Shower – The water in the swimming pool, hot tub and even shower contains harsh chemicals that could cause serious damage to your ring. Any water-related environment is probably a no-go for your favorite jewelry because you don’t want to risk it falling off and disappearing down the drain.

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4. When Cooking – The combination of water, food, high heat and complex tools makes the kitchen a no-go for your engagement ring. A great way to remember to take off your ring before cooking is to keep a ring dish somewhere secure and out of the way — like on a windowsill or in a corner.

5. When Cleaning – You probably already know that the cleaning closet is chock-full of harsh and potentially damaging chemicals, so keep this in mind when you’re getting ready for a big day of chores. It’s especially important to keep your nice jewelry away from bleach and ammonia, as they can cause stress corrosion, leading to discoloration and eventually even cracking.

6. When Working with Chemicals and Paint – It’s the same deal here. Whenever you’re working with any sort of chemicals or paint, make sure to take off your ring to avoid any potential disasters. Removing certain kinds of paint from jewelry is nearly impossible, so make sure to leave it off during those projects.

7. When Getting Ready – Have you ever noticed that your jewelry acquires a layer of film after being exposed to things like perfume or hair spray? Not only will these things dull the sheen of your prettiest pieces, but they could also lead to long-term damage and corrosion. Try to get in the habit of putting all your jewelry on as one of the last things you do while getting ready.

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8. When Traveling – Wearing your most cherished jewelry can be risky. You’re in a new environment, living out of a suitcase and potentially doing a lot of swimming and exploring. Additionally, you run into the risk of your precious jewelry getting lost or even stolen! All of these things make it a less-than-ideal scenario for showing off your rock. If you do want to wear your jewelry while traveling, make sure to wear it while flying to avoid a fiasco if your luggage gets lost. Use a locking suitcase and take advantage of the safe in your hotel room when you go swimming.

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If you love your ring, it’s best to wear it only some of the time, and that doesn’t apply only to expensive pieces. Even if you’ve opted for one of our super-affordable engagement rings, it’s probably pretty sentimental to you. Make sure you keep it in great shape for years to come by taking it off in these situations.

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