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Guide to Promise Rings

A promise ring is a special representation of the love and commitment between two people, traditionally given to symbolize a serious relationship that the couple believes will last into marriage. While there are many differences between a promise ring vs an engagement ring, for some, the ring has a similar representation as one another and signifies a step in the relationship. 

For those that don’t know what a promise ring is, we like to explain it as a piece of jewelry that symbolizes love, friendship, or commitment to another person. That is why many couples take great care in selecting a promise ring, or rings, to adorn their hands symbolizing the relationship. We have put together a guide with tips and tricks that will help you find a good place to buy a promise ring. 

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Although promise rings can have many meanings other than a sign of future engagement plans, there are a few premises that will help you choose the right ring for your boyfriend or girlfriend no matter what the ring represents to you. In general, we have outlined some best practices when it comes to buying any piece of jewelry, regardless of its purpose. If you ever find yourself wondering where to buy a promise ring, just look for these few things. 

High-Quality Materials

When purchasing fine jewelry, it is critical to verify the quality of the materials the piece is comprised of. Cheap rings made of poor materials will deteriorate quickly, causing them to lose their luster and beauty. In some cases, low-grade materials may cause discoloration of the skin when worn. Verifying the quality of the jewelry you wish to purchase will help ensure you are getting a fair price for what you are buying while also getting exactly what you intend. Which brings us to our next point…  

Verified Sellers

With so many new vendors available on the internet, and new ones opening daily, it probably seems pretty easy to find what you are looking for. The unfortunate truth, however, is many of these storefronts are scams that will take your money and never send you a product or will send one of significantly lower quality than what was advertised. When this happens, there is usually very little that can be done to recuperate the money you lose. It is best to work with a verified seller to ensure you will be treated fairly when shopping for a promise ring for your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Any reputable seller will stand behind their product 100% of the time. They will understand that buying a fine piece of jewelry is a big commitment for most people and will want to ensure that you walk away completely happy with your purchase. This is especially important if you are purchasing a promise ring for your partner as it will allow you to make changes if, for some reason, they are unhappy with your selection. 

Shop Promise Rings for Men, Women & Couples

Returns & Exchanges

Before buying a promise ring, you want to make sure that returns or exchanges are allowed by the company. There are a variety of reasons which could prompt you to return or exchange a promise ring. The most unfortunate would be that your partner declined it, the best would be that it is simply the wrong size. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand the return and exchange policy of the company you choose to work with. Some may only give partial refunds even if the piece is returned free from damage. Look for more flexible policies to make sure you are covered for all scenarios. 

Giving a promising ring as well as wearing one is an important step in any relationship. However, it doesn’t always symbolize a promise to marry one another. Whether you get matching promise rings or you pick out one individually for your special someone, it’s important to have a good understanding of what to look for before you make your final decision. That is why we at Modern Gents Trading Co. have carefully crafted a line of beautiful and affordable promise rings

All of our jewelry is made with high-quality materials ranging from 925 Sterling Silver to tungsten carbide and are designed with precision to ensure that you take home the best product possible that will stand the test of time. In fact, we are so confident in our pieces we back them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns or exchanges so you can be sure that you have found the perfect promise ring for your partner.