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a close up of a womans hand wearing a cushion cut engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a trying task, whether it is a secret solo mission or a collaborative effort. And it’s even more tricky when you’re in the market for plus size engagement rings. Even when the ring’s intended wearer is involved in the ring’s purchase, they might not know their own ring size or what type of bridal ring set they want. And if their ring size falls outside the narrow band of the most popular measurements, then finding the right fit becomes even more difficult. A jewelry store might not offer anything above a women’s size 7 for walk-ins to try on, and yet plus size wedding bands for women start at 10!

As the “All Hands Are Good Hands” movement points out, the fashion jewelry industry has a long way to go when it comes to inclusive sizing. However, there are increasingly more options available for those who are shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Whether you’re dreaming of a modern rose gold band, a classic gold engagement ring or a gorgeous halo ring, we want you to find what you love! Here are some tips on where to buy plus size engagement rings and what to keep in mind as you do so.

Find a Retailer with a Ring Size Chart

It’s good to scout a retailer with inventory that lines up with an actual ring sizing chart. At Modern Gents, we offer the full range of U.S. standard sizes, which means that most of our affordable engagement rings are available in sizes 3.5 to 13. Some jewelers do offer larger sizes as a customizable option, but be aware that the bespoke route comes with an additional price tag based on the extra time and material. While going bespoke can get around accessibility issues, it’s worth your time to shop around a bit in-store and online before deciding on a custom ring.

Find Out Your Size with Our Ring Size Chart Today!

a close up of a womans hand wearing pear cut engagement ring

Keep Finger Fluctuation in Mind

It’s worth noting that your fingers shrink and swell over the course of a day and will likely slide up and down the sizing chart during different phases of life. So even a hand model, whose fingers are showcased for the most popular sizes, will fluctuate in and out of a perfect fit. Speaking of sliding, knuckle size is a frequently overlooked factor when it comes to picking a ring that won’t get lodged on a joint or slip off a tapered finger at the earliest opportunity. Modern Gents is committed to easy returns and exchanges on top of affordable pricing for a future ring update. We also offer flexible silicone bands that can be a stand-in for your ring set as well as a comfortable permanent option.

The Perfect Rings and Bridal Sets for Plus Size Fingers

Now that you’ve finally found a collection of rings that are a size fit, it’s time to consider the best match in terms of style. Thicker fingers can pull off bolder designs, like a colored gemstone ring, and wider settings that would overwhelm thinner digits. The same goes for more complicated geometric craftsmanship.

For fingers with large knuckles, choose a wider band that can hold its own in terms of drawing attention to itself, but be careful about going too far in that direction — especially for short fingers. Selecting too wide an engagement ring or wedding band or too square a stone can make a finger look stubbier than it actually is. A split shank, like our “The Princess” ring, is one way to elegantly handle a wider band.

a silver oval cut engagement ring

You might also consider a raised prong setting to help the ring stand out or take advantage of the elongating effect of pear and oval shaped stones. Rings that fall into the marquise category, like “The Victoria” ring, accomplish a similar feat. 

Another creative way to achieve a wide band look is to wear stackable wedding rings. Wearing multiple thin bands and ring enhancers can give the look of an overall wider band, with lots of bling of course!

Additional Thoughts

No matter what size ring you’re shopping for, here are a couple of good things to keep in mind as you go through this process:

Confirm Your Engagement and Wedding Ring Size

As the old adage goes in carpentry, “measure twice, cut once.” Sure, in our field it’s more like “measure twice, buy once,” but you get the concept. It’s worth getting a ring sizer or consulting a ring size chart. Even if you’re getting a promise ring or an eternity ring instead of an engagement ring, there’s never a bad time to double-check your ring size. Also, make sure the sizing chart you’re using is to the industry standard!

Know Which Materials Can Be Resized

Not all ring materials can be resized. Of the ones that can be, not all can be resized with equal ease. For example, you can resize a silver ring but not a tungsten one. Harder materials like tungsten or stainless steel don’t have enough give to be resized. If you tried, you’d just end up breaking them.

This doesn’t mean you’re limited to sterling silver or yellow gold (though those are always classic choices). If you’re buying a ring material that can’t be resized, just be extra careful when measuring. If it doesn’t work out for you, though, you can always return it!

Go Bold

Diamond engagement rings are traditional, but the classic clear solitaire certainly isn’t the only option. Plus size rings offer a unique canvas to explore the world of vibrant gemstones. Don’t shy away from bold colors like sapphires, emeralds or rubies! These stunning stones add a touch of personality and become the focal point of the ring, creating a look that’s both eye-catching and sophisticated. Consider birthstones, your partner’s favorite color or colors that complement their skin tone and overall style.

Halo rings are another fantastic option for plus size fingers. The surrounding diamonds create a dazzling frame for the center stone, amplifying its brilliance and adding a touch of vintage glamour. This design works beautifully on wider bands, offering a balanced and visually captivating aesthetic. Whether you choose a classic round halo or explore more geometric shapes like square or marquise, halo rings add a touch of magic to any plus size engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to embrace the sparkle and go bold with color and halo rings. Larger hands provide the perfect backdrop for head-turning designs, and your partner deserves a ring that is as unique and special as they are.

Prioritize Comfort

While sparkle and style are undoubtedly important, comfort shouldn’t be an afterthought when choosing a plus size engagement ring. After all, this ring will be worn daily through countless handshakes, hugs and adventures. Choosing a comfortable design ensures it becomes a cherished companion, not an irritating obstacle.

Wider bands, often recommended for larger fingers, can feel bulky or cumbersome if not chosen thoughtfully. Explore options like contoured shanks that seamlessly follow the finger’s natural curve, or consider a split shank for a lighter feel. Choosing a smooth, rounded band minimizes the risk of snags or irritation, and prioritizing lightweight metals like titanium or platinum can make a significant difference in everyday wearability. Remember that the perfect plus size engagement ring should balance beauty with blissful comfort, allowing your love story to shine brightly without restriction.

Closing Thoughts

Ring shopping, especially when looking for plus size rings, can be a challenge. As exciting as it is, it’s also a lot of work! Hopefully, this information has helped make this process easier for you. 

Remember that finding the perfect ring that expresses your love and celebrates your uniqueness is absolutely worth the effort. Take a deep breath, embrace the journey and know that there’s a stunning ring out there waiting to make your partner’s finger sparkle. Happy ring shopping!