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Five Types of Men

Stuck on finding your perfect band?

You might think that extensive options for wedding bands are only geared towards women, but you'd be surprised at how many different types of men's wedding rings there are on the market. The problem lies in knowing what metal appeals to your personal preference and what works best with your lifestyle.

Titanium Steel – The Titan

Man's left hand wearing the silver Titan band on ring finger

The Titan
Also available in gold, rose gold, and black

The Metal: This ring is the best of both worlds: it's ultra lightweight, but extremely durable. Titanium is lighter than silver, gold, and Damascus steel. In addition, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and is less maintenance than other types of metals.

The Lifestyle: If you're a man who works a lot with your hands or operates heavy machinery, The Titan is the ring for you because of it's strength-to-weight ratio. You don't need to worry about ruining the ring as you work and at the same time it won't be heavy and distracting. This is also great for men who are active with water sports or frequent the beach and the pool because titanium is not affected by sea water or chlorine.

The Look: The Titan comes in four different finishes – gold, rose gold, silver, and black – so no matter what ring your fiancée falls in love with, there's a Titan band to match. This ring is perfect for a no-nonsense man who wants something simple but equally masculine. It's a supreme alternative to the traditional white gold band! If you're looking for something on the slimmer side, check out the rest of our titanium steel wedding bands.

Tungsten – The Excalibur

Man's left fist wearing The Excalibur band on ring finger

The Excalibur

The Metal: Tungsten is the most scratch resistant metal known to man. Despite this, don't be fooled and assume these rings are super heavy. Though tungsten rings still have a nice high quality weight to them, they rival the same weight as any gold or platinum ring.

The Lifestyle: Like The Titan, we recommend The Excalibur for men who work with their hands. If your ring is at risk for being knocked around and banged up, The Excalibur is perfect.

The Look: The Excalibur is sleek, stylish, and modern. This ring is perfect for the minimalist man who still wants to make a statement. This smart black finish is elegant while still masculine, forming the perfect balance for an everyday ring or to switch out for more formal events. If The Excalibur is a bit too plain for your liking, consider an inlay! We have tungsten bands with inlays for everyone.

Silicone – The Force Flex

Man's hands playing pool wearing The Force Flex on left ring finger

The Force Flex

The Material: The Force Flex is made out of silicone, making it ultra flexible, hypoallergenic, and extremely comfortable. As they don't conduct heat or electricity, a silicone ring is safe to wear in any situation.

The Lifestyle: The possibilities with this ring are limitless. This is the choice ring if you work with electricity, wires, or heat. The Force Flex is also perfect for the man who's always in the gym, rock climbing, or doing some type of strenuous activity. Silicone rings are ideal for those who need to keep 'safety first' in mind.

The Look: Although it's a silicone ring, The Force Flex is still extremely sleek and stylish. With its beveled edges, you can hardly tell that this ring is made out of silicone. No need to sacrifice style for comfort! If silicone rings appeal to you but the Force Flex doesn't quite meet your standard, take a look at the rest of our silicone ring line.

Damascus Steel – The Valyrian

Man's left hand wearing The Valyrian band on ring finger

The Valyrian

The Metal: Damascus Steel is excellent for a ring you plan to wear daily as it is heavy duty, long-lasting, and scratch resistant. The strength and durability of the metal dates back centuries, as Damascus Steel was used to make swords and knives.

The Lifestyle: The strength of The Valyrian makes this an ideal choice for those who work with their hands. This is also a great option for someone who wants to be environmentally conscious, as Damascus Steel is fully recyclable!

The Look: Because of it's unique forging, no two Valyrians are alike. This ring is for someone who wants something different than a classic band but doesn't prefer an inlay. The Valyrian is great for every day wear, but also fun to switch out for when you're tired of your plain band. This is definitely a conversation starter! Looking for an equally unique wedding band? Our wood rings and our unusual wedding bands are a great alternative.

Carbon Fiber – The Stealth

Man's left hand in front of a waterfall wearing The Stealth on ring finger

The Stealth

The Metal: What we personally consider to be the best man's wedding band, The Stealth's carbon fiber body makes it incredibly durable and extremely lightweight. The finish is scratch-resistant, though if over time it acquires scratches and scuffs, it can be polished out with very fine sandpaper.

 The Lifestyle: Because of how incredibly light it is, carbon fiber is for a man who's constantly on the go or works with his hands quite often. This is also a perfect ring for travel as it doesn't weigh you down and is not distracting.

The Look: The Stealth is ideal for someone who is looking for an out-of-the-box wedding band, but would still like something sleek and minimal. The black gives it a high tech looking finish without being gaudy. 

Why Have Just One?

If several (or all!) of these rings appeal to you and we haven't made the choice any easier, why not get more than just one? Our black wedding rings are affordable and suitable for any budget. There's no limit to how many bands a man can have. Switch them out depending on your mood or the occasion. We have a ring for every part of your life!

Which band is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


  • Joe Bridwell

    Love you guys and your products. i was on the fence about what I wanted, but with the quality and affordability you guys offer, I was able to get everything I wanted…The Titan in black and silver, Force Flex for work, and The Valyrian simply because it is just badass and amazing! You have a fan and customer for life! Thanks so much for being who you are!